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Buy or Sell: Can Rudolph pass for 400+ against UTSA?

Mason Rudolph joined elite Cowboys company this weekend when he threw for 401 yards against Central Arkansas. Can Rudolph repeat the feat once again?

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Just barely.

Just barely is the best way to describe Rudolph's quest for the 400 yard passing mark. Coming into what would be his last possession, Rudolph threw a 41-yard pass to David Glidden for a first down, after which J.W. Walsh would finish off the possession with a touchdown.

The funny thing about this game, one in which Rudolph accomplished a feat that few Cowboys had before, is that Rudolph was inaccurate on several passes. Now, few quarterbacks can pass for 400 yards and stay perfect on pass attempts, but in this case, many of the balls Rudolph threw were catchable if thrown only a bit better. Who knows what he could have done if he hadn't missed only a few throws? Replace his interception with another catch, and his game looks that much better.

So can he do it again?

Buy- Rudolph passes for 400+ against UTSA

Many of the same factors as the last game apply to UTSA. Even though the talent is better going from Central Arkansas to UTSA, the talent gap between UTSA and OSU is still substantial.

However, we know now, after last game, that Rudolph can pass for 400+ yards on what many would consider an "off" game by the sophomore quarterback. Many were surprised that Rudolph had reached the milestone after the game, especially with some of the incompletions that Rudolph threw.

One factor that does make the feat more likely this game around is that the talent is better with UTSA. With this in mind, Yurchich is likely to open up the passing game that much more against the Roadrunners, leading to more long passing attempts for Rudolph.

Sell- Rudolph passes for less than 400 yards against UTSA

Without the last pass to Glidden in Rudolph's last possession, we wouldn't be talking about how he accomplished the feat of throwing for 400 yards. Luck played at least a part in pushing Rudolph to the milestone and it can't be counted on each game.

UTSA also has much better talent in passing defense than OSU's previous opponent. Even though UTSA's previous opponent, Kansas State, had a primarily running quarterback, the Roadrunners have kept their first two opponents under 300 yards passing.

You could argue that Rudolph is a better passer than Arizona's and Kansas State's QBs, but it does show that this defense can stop the passing game to a point, making it more difficult for Rudolph.

So: Buy or Sell?