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Emmanuel Ogbah And Jimmy Bean

Just like Reese's, Ogbah and Bean go together like peanut butter and chocolate

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe I'm a bit biased, maybe not, but having two defensive ends like Jimmy Bean and Emmanuel Ogbah is great. It's almost not fair. For real, though. How can one team have a defensive end who could be a first round NFL pick and another who could still be drafted in at least the top five rounds?

It's not fair. Last year, Emmanuel Ogbah exploded onto the scene. Sacking opponent quarterbacks 11 times, totalling up to 78 yards lost for the other team, while also picking up 17 tackles for loss (totaling 89 yards lost). It's not even fair. Teams had to prepare for Ogbah all year and it just didn't work, no matter what they did. The 11 sacks for Ogbah are good enough to place him at No. 6 in Oklahoma State's history for sacks in a year. The guys in front of him? Leslie O'Neal, Gary Lewis, Greg Richmond and Jason Gildon, that's quite a group to be with.

Ogbah last year was a monster, finishing with 49 tackles, five pass breakups, three quarterback hurries and one forced fumble. Jimmy Bean wasn't a slouch either. The other end, who many forgot about this summer, had six tackles for loss himself, for a total of 36 yards lost while picking up 3.5 sacks. The more impressive stat however is his five quarterback hurries and three forced fumbles. Three in a year places him at a tie for No. 9 for most forced fumbles in Oklahoma State history.

Ogbah and Bean didn't fix the Oklahoma State defense in 2014, but not much could have when they were on the field for such long periods of times. However, this year the defense is rock solid. Only allowing an average of 10.5 points per game, good enough for ninth in the FBS.

What do Ogbah and Bean have to do with that? A lot. In two games, Ogbah has 2.5 sacks, 3.5 tackles for loss while Bean has two sacks and four tackles for loss. Not bad, even if you're playing Central Michigan and UCA. The pressure Bean and Ogbah put on offensive lines is relentless, making them forget about the defensive tackles at times (maybe not), and keeping teams from passing wherever they want each play. The two have helped propel OSU to the fourth best defense in the league.

That is why they are the best duo on the team.