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Lippert's O-Line Update - Things are not going so well

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

The front five struggled significantly last Saturday against Central Arkansas's defense.

My MVP award goes to left guard Mike Wilson this week. M. Wilson blocked well on the inside and outside gaps, as well as had several crucial power-pulls blocking downfield. His biggest success was helping center Brad Lundblade block in front of Rudolph.

Lundblade showed signs of struggle, and pain, half way through the second quarter of Saturday's game that stayed prevalent until he was relieved toward the end of the game. Unable to stay on his feet, he often needed help from guards M. Wilson and Paul Lewis to block UCA's nose guard.

Tackle Zach Crabtree utilized his speed and agility to block for Rudolph's right side, which seemed to be offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich's preferred side of the field. But that can stand to reason because left tackle Victor Salako's performance fell below par. Salako had three penalties called on him, including a holding call late in the game that brought back freshman receiver Jalen McClesky's touchdown catch.

Two plays that put some bad light on the offensive line, and Ben Grogan, involved two of Grogan's extra-point attempts getting blocked. Somehow, someway, two kicks in a row were blocked because the Bears' defense was able to reach the ball.

One of the only highlights for the front five involved a whole new set of linemen seeing the field. From left to right, Mucha, Robinson, Hegwood, Galea'i and Pertile showed their worth and got some much-anticipated playing time. None of them failed to do their job, with Hegwood and Robinson showing true promise.

This Saturday's game against UTSA will help the Cowboys' offensive line get one more "game of practice" in before facing its first game against a Big 12 opponent [Texas 9/26].