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UT-San Antonio Offensive Preview: Road_______

Oklahoma State has plenty of strength on the defensive side of the ball, especially in the running game. The defensive line has proven to be a formidable road block. This week though, against an anemic run game the Cowboys will have to shift focus.

Kenny Bias has the ability to be a game breaker for the Roadrunners.
Kenny Bias has the ability to be a game breaker for the Roadrunners.
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Two Steps Forward, One Back:

Against the Kansas State Wildcats, the Roadrunners struggled with something that their name would say they should excel at. It wasn't just that running ball was a struggle, it was that the Roadrunners were losing a yard for every two that they gained. A large part of the lost yardage was due to the sacks given up on quarterback Blake Bogenschutz, but we'll get to that later. Running back Jarveon Williams gained a net of 31 yards over 31 carries. If that was against the Kansas State defense, those numbers could be even more anemic come 2:30 Saturday.

Pass or Play?:

So the running game wasn't working out. That leaves one other options for the Roadrunners to move down the field. Well, they weren't exactly good enough to change their name to the "Roadpassers" if you could believe that. Bogenschutz, who felt pressure throughout last week's contest, passed for 156 yards without a touchdown to show for it. It took Bogenschutz 33 attempts to even get to that low mark, completing 61 percent of those throws. Don't expect the Roadrunners to pop off a big play either when they sling around the ball. The Roadrunners longest pass play came from Bogenschutz and was able to gain 17 yards. Enough for a first down obviously, but not enough to open up the Wildcat defense.

Where Some Protection?:

There was some mention of the Roadrunner quarterbacks being sacked in the backfield. Well, this is that section of the program. Bogenschutz was not the only signal caller that suffered the pressure of the Wildcat defense. Backup Russell Bellomy was sacked once. Bogenschutz would end up on the ground with yards lost three different times. A lot of the issues stem from the youth on the left side of the line. Sophomores; Austin Pratt, Kyle McKinney and Reed Darragh all will be facing the challenges of a more sound defensive line than the one they faced last week inside the Alamodome. They, unlike the Cowboy front though, are able to protect their kicker. Daniel Portillo has the ability to make kicks from distance and on the off chance that this game is close late, Portillo could be the weapon the Roadrunners need.

Coffelt's Picks:

The Cowboys surprise the home faithful with their impressive victory over a team that on paper should challenge the boys in orange trim. Emmanuel Ogbah hits his potential All-America stride and the offense finds the niche that makes up for the lack of talent up front. Cowboys win over the Roadrunners: 35-13