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CRFF Roundtable - Week Three - Who Is Jumping Off?

Y'all are crazy, because us credible guys think the team is fine... right?

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

We spent pumping the keg of Orange Kool-Aid for every one of you readers all summer. However, we seemed to not give you enough. Because after two games, everyone seems to be freaking out. We've seen comparisons to last years team, saying Oklahoma State won't end with seven wins, but we've also seen the 11 win predictions. It's pretty crazy out there, so we decided to discuss that a little.


Ok, so another roundtable ready. Tell me why you are jumping off the Cowboy ship (horse?), what's your adjusted ceiling for this team and oh yeah, there's a game this weekend so what's your prediction?

Josh Poteet

I'm not off the ship yet. Think that the OL is terrible and needs to develop quick. Give me two weeks. OSU will struggle early but win in typical OSU fashion. 9 wins. Losses to WVU, TCU and OU.

Chris Ross

I'm jumping ship (not really, but I'm certainly not as high on the Cowboys as I was before the season), because the problems we're seeing are a continuation of last year. That leads me to believe there isn't a quick fix out there for the Cowboys to turn it around and contend for the Big 12 title. On the flip side, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and even Texas Tech look closer to competing than the Cowboys do.

Oklahoma State should win this game, but if it's close, I don't know if I have them winning in Austin. Which, given the state of the Longhorns right now, is saying something. I'm not sure exactly what it's saying, but it's not good. 
If OSU does mess around and lose to UTSA, then I'm done with Yurcich. If I never see another wide receiver bubble screen, it will be too soon. Some of the 'play calling' issues are on Rudolph, he's missed some reads. We know that. However, Yurcich should know the tendency of his QB, and take that into consideration.

Call it keeping in vanilla, or whatever you want. All I know is I'm sick of it, and Holgorsen and Munkin didn't seem to care much about showing what was up their sleeves, because good luck stopping it.

My adjusted expectations for the Cowboys are 5th in the Big 12 and dropping. Hopefully I'm wrong. Hopefully something clicks, and the product on the field matches the potential on the roster. At this point though, I don't know how much longer we can keep crossing our fingers, and justifying how it isn't any one person's fault. At some point someone has to acknowledge a problem, and take action. Even if it's simply action for action's sake.


Why are you jumping off ship? I haven't jumped off the ship just yet, but I'm definitely planning my exit route.

Does OSU win or lose this game? Win, but it will likely be underwhelming once again, unless some changes were made this week.

What's your adjusted ceiling for this team? I'm not adjusting my ceiling because I'm still a believer in the wide range of possibilities for this team right now. Could go 11-1...could go 6-6. haven't seen anything yet to convince me otherwise.

Jeremy Golden

Not jumping off ship yet.  I want to see what they do against West Virginia.  That's the test that I'm looking forward to.
OSU win's this game fairly easily.  The continued progress of the offensive line is something I look forward to watching.
I don't think I've adjusted my ceiling for this team.  I still think this is a potential Big 12 champion.  This team should be better in November than it is now.

The question is how much better.  To beat Baylor and TCU they will have to have maxed out their potential, something that may come next year.

If there is one thing that could change my ceiling for this team at this point it would be the un-reliability of Grogan.

Cameron Osburn

I'm not jumping off ship yet but the escape route is planned and I'm putting on my life vest.

OSU wins fairly easy, this is the same UTSA team that just got blown out at home by K-State. I think the run game picks it up a little finally.

My ceiling is still 11-1 but the floor is also dropping. 7-5 isn't out of the question. Still think 9-3 or 10-2 is more than likely the end result.


Jumping off? I'm firing torpedoes at the bastard. If it's gotta burn to get rid of yurcich I accept this reality. I'm sick of this offensive offense. Remember the zak Robinson read option? I've spent years trying to drink the pain away, but I'd get a chub watching ZR hobble out on a roll out pass.

We better win by 40. That's all.

If your ceiling is below your feet, either your dancing on the roof, or your house collapsed.

Zach Collums

I'm far from jumping off ship. Yes, these two wins have looks awful and yes, our offense has looked abysmal, but I want to see how this team plays to a better opponent and if it's truly OSU in trouble or just a case of playing down to the competition.

I expect OSU to defeat UTSA much in the same way they have their first two opponents. It won't be a pretty high scoring win, but it won't be hard for OSU either.

My ceiling, call me crazy, is still an undefeated season. We have the makings of an elite level defense, with the parts, at least, to have a potent offense, given the line is shored up by the time the big boys roll into town. 
If you are looking for a more realistic ceiling, I could be convinced down to 10-2,11-1. But I think if everything goes right, we can go undefeated. That's a BIG if though.


So you're saying that's a 72pt font "if"  vs a 20pt font "if?"

OkState Gents

Not a chance in hell I'm jumping off the ship THIS early in the season. Way too much football left to play.

Personally, if OSU doesn't crush UTSA by at least 50 I'll be pissed. I spent way too many hours developing carpal tunnel in my wrists trying to win that dang pink contest to lose it to UTSA. This will be sweet revenge on a personal level.

Can't change my ceiling yet. Hopes for an undefeated regular season are still there because, 2-0.

Cory Treece

I'm definitely not jumping ship. Sure there have been struggles (mainly on offense and kicking *woof*) but we've finally got a defense that is worth touting this year. That will carry a lot of weight going forward.

I think they will win by 14-21 points without showing much flash again. Just get the job done and move on to Texas.
Not adjusting my ceiling. I think if the offensive line can improve like they did late last year, this team can still contend for the Big 12.

Like Okstate gents said, it's way too early to start jumping to conclusions on how the season will play out. Gotta believe the best is yet to come for this team! (see 2013).

Okay all. Now that you've seen some credible sources say they aren't jumping off ship (except King), tell us what you think.