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PREDICTION TIME!!! Oklahoma State vs UTSA

I was NOT impressed with last week's entries...

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Come on folks. As Gundy says, you need to give great effort.

After reviewing the entries from last weekend, I'm greatly disappointed. In fact, I'm so disappointed that no one will be winning the Thayer Evan's autographed head shot. It's almost like people weren't motivated by such an awesome prize...

Remember, laziness is a sin so provide some stats with your answers.

1. Final score?

2. Uniform combination?

3. How many times will we hear Larry Coker coached at OSU?

4. Number of rushing plays for negative yards?

5. Who has more carries? Carson or Childs/Carr?

6. O/U yards per catch for David Glidden at 24.

7. Number of different WRs to catch a pass?

8. More Grogan XPs blocked or more UTSA turnovers?

9. Defensive MVP?

10. The number of time Ogbah causes you to make this face?