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Listen To Dave Hunziker Call Oklahoma State

The one time a week we say Pistols Firing on CRFF

Oklahoma State is the 25-point favorite in this game so there may not be many of you who will be there. Although you should be there. For all we know Mason Rudolph throws for 500 yards or Rennie Childs gets more than 15 carries or even Chris Carson runs for over 100. However, work, school and life all get in the way and that's not terrible. So for those of you we are hosting once again Dave Hunziker calling the Oklahoma State Cowboys football game. Hunziker and his famous Pistols Firing call will be right here, right now. So don't miss it. Heck, even if you are at the game, it's a good idea to plug in your Beats Head Phones and listen in because sometimes, those fans are a little loud in Boone Pickens Staidum.

Oklahoma State kicks off against UTSA at 2:30 P.M. CST so don't miss it.

Go Pokes!