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Oklahoma State Takes It Back - Defense shines, Offense takes care of business.

After a few weeks of not seeing Oklahoma State play at the highest level, fans might be back to drinking the Kool-Aid.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

No matter what you do in life, you're going to make mistakes. Sometimes, most of the time, you can come back from those mistakes. But when you make seven of them, it's pretty hard to come back.

UTSA did that in it's 69-14 loss to Oklahoma State on Saturday while using three quarterbacks and not finding an answer anywhere. The first one came in the first quarter when UTSA quarterback Blake Bogenschultz was brought down by redshirt senior Miketavius Jones, fumbling the ball and allowing junior linebacker Devante Averette to pick it up and put the Cowboys up 7-0.

The next drive had the same ending for the Road Runners as a Bogenschultz fumble was picked up by Jordan Burton. The first quarter ended even worse for the UTSA quarterback as he threw an interception, setting up a Ben Grogan field goal to put the Cowboys at 17 points.

Mason Rudolph and Co., took advantage of the powerful work horse that is the defense by putting up what would be 69 points by the end. Rudolph threw for 283 yards going 17-23 and picking up two more touchdowns to add to his season turnover. The offense, which has been a cause for worry in the first two weeks, showed the fans and media alike that it might just be ok after all, moving the ball for 529 yards. Brandon Chatmon of ESPN said it best with this Tweet:

The Cowboys will look to carry the momentum to Austin, Texas, next weekend as the conference schedule finally opens and the Longhorns seem to have a pulse on offense.

Some Thoughts

  • The offensive line showed up today, pushing UTSA around for 217 rushing yards. They allowed two sacks but and saw Rudolph had to move around a bit, but it was definitely a step in the right direction.
  • Chris Carson is a pro.
  • This defense is great. Having not allowed more than 14 points in any game this year. I really don't care who you're playing, that's nice.
  • Ogbah is going to be fun to watch this year. Hope we find someone to replace him next season.
  • McClesky can run some routes, man.
  • Rudolph now has five touchdowns, one interception and 950 yards through three games, averaging about 317 yards per game and 1.67 touchdowns. I'll take it. It'll only get better I think. Oh, and he's completing 69 percent of his passes.