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Player Of The Game Voting - Week Three

Jeremy is out this week, so it's up to me to decide who you're voting for.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State played exceptionally well on Saturday, and to be completely honest, you probably give the Player of the game award to the whole defense. However, that would be unit of the game, and that's not what this is, obviously.

So, here are a few players you can vote for in this weeks Player of The Game voting.

Mason Rudolph (17-23, 280 yards, two touchdowns) - The quarterback is probably going to be in most of these if he continues to stay mistake free and have a completion percentage as good as this. Rudolph was sturdy in his second start at Boone Pickens Stadium and made some good plays. He's No. 12 in the nation in QBR.

Chris Carson (17 rushes, 104 yards, two touchdowns) - Now this is the running back we thought we were going to get all summer. Carson looked as good as he has in the orange and black, waiting for his blocks to form before running into defenders. His first 100-yard rushing game came in big time for the Oklahoma State offense.

Jordan Sterns ( 13 total tackles) - Sterns led the team in tackles for the game and was there to stop UTSA in plenty of clutch situations. He was a huge reason the team continued its streak of 14 or less points allowed and helped the secondary keep UTSA at 170 passing yards on the day. Sterns leads the team in tackling through three games. Also, if he's good enough for Gundy to tweet him out, he's good enough for us.

Voting will be open until Tuesday.