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CRFF WEEK 3 POWER POLL: We're confused

Which is not totally unHEARD of.

Oops, that was a Freudian slip....

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

The bye weeks and unexpected activity have rendered us senseless, however I'm not completey sure that isn't our normal state.

FYI...King is on Twitter, people. The end times must be near.


1 Texas...I was napping, and thought I dreamed of Vince Young running wild and free among the Cal secondary. Then I awoke and realized I wasn't dreaming. I'll need to stock up tranquilizers this week.

What? You thought I was actually going to put Baylor here?

2 Baylor...get comfy, you're gonna be here a while. Think of it as Moses and the Promised Land.

3 OU...I'm not happy that Mayfield appears to be getting more comfortable, but I am happy that the secondary is looking as "solid" as last season.

4 WVU...somehow you always seem to do well in the bye week.

5 OSU...dont tease me!

6 beat Arkansas!

Psssst...the Razorbacks suck.

7 KState...turns out La Tech is much better than UTSA.

8'll need more than 2 scholarship players on defense to survive Big 12 play.

9 Iowa State...don't be sad. Turns out you're good enough to be in the SEC West.

10 should be sad. You have to play a football game this week.


1: Tech- The herpes has mutated and causes football skills instead of open sores.

2: OSU- Finally, a woodshedding. And a new verb.

3: TCU- Dat defense tho.

4: OU- See above. And the last four years.

5: Baylor- At least nobody got.....well I can't say it but you know.

6: UT- Either Heard is the worst practice player ever or Watson/Wickline should be promoted back so they can be fired properly.

7: WVU- Should be way higher but I forgot about them.

8: KSU- Not looking wizardly.

9: ISU- Is this some continuous troll from 2011?

10: KU-