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Buy or Sell - Oklahoma State Can Hold Texas Below 14 Points

It isn't impossible, I guess.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State may not have had a good start to the season on offense but the defense has been almost perfect. Only allowing 35 points in the first three games, no team has found a way to get over 14 points. The last time the Cowboys did that was in 2006:

Missouri State 52-10
@ Arkansas State 35-7
Florida Atlantic 48-8

This Oklahoma State team should be much better than the 2006 squad that ended up 7-5 and though the nonconference is still as weak as it was then, this team does have a better defense. With guys such as Emmanuel Ogbah, Kevin Peterson and Jordan Sterns helping to lead the team, there's no reason to think the streak of allowing 14-point or less wouldn't last.


Oklahoma State strolls into Austin, Texas, and keeps the strong defensive performance going. A 45-10 win over the Longhorns has all of the fans buying 30 packs of the Orange Kool-Aid and Emmanuel Ogbah somehow soaring hire on draft boards than he already was.

This situation, or one similar, isn't completely out of reach. Yes, the Longhorns seem to have found a quarterback in Heard, but his first and third quarters in the game against Cal only yielded seven points for the Horns offense, so it is possible to stop him. Also, the Horns have scored less than 20 points in seven of 16 games under Strong. The Cowboys defense keeps DKR silent and out of the game.


The Longhorns (seemed to) have found their quarterback. Jerrod Heard changed the landscape of our predictions as soon as he took over this team. The 1-2 Longhorns were only about 10 yards away from going to overtime and possibly being 2-1 had the kicker not been aiming toward his ex in the stands to the right of the goalpost last week.

The Cowboys still win, but Heard and his offense keep it close, forcing this game to be won from Mason Rudolph and the running game, something we've seen happen before. Or maybe OSU loses, who knows? Maybe the Longhorns aren't as bad as we thought, I mean, scoring 44 points in a game is pretty impressive.