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BUY or SELL? Mike Gundy Ranks In The Top Half Of Big 12 Coaches

How would you rank the Big 12 coaches right now? Does Gundy rank in the top half?

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Seems like a ridiculous question right? Of course he is, look at his resume! Except, when you start to look around the league, maybe he isn't. Now, I'm not an idiot. i know how this vote is going to go here on CRFF. So after you vote, go ahead and rank the coaches in the comments.

Why To Buy

Mike Gundy is the most successful coach in Oklahoma State history, and it's really not even close. He's brought the school their first outright Big 12 Championship, and got OSU to a BCS Bowl. A game they won, and let's not forget, they really should have been playing for a National Title.

More than that though, Gundy has had sustained success. Since taking over for Les Miles in 2005, the Cowboys have won eight games or more in a season six times, and they've averaged 9.6 wins a season over the last five years.

This is the easy side though. I don't need to explain what Gundy has done for OSU. You all get it, so I'll move on.

Why To Sell

To be ranked in the top half of Big 12 coaches is no easy feat. There's some tough competition. Gundy should be able to beat out the likes of Dana Holgorsen and Kliff Kingsbury, but where would you rank him among Bill Snyder, Bob Stoops, Art Briles, Gary Patterson, and Charlie Strong?

Nobody has done more with less than Bill Snyder; to the point that he may be the best college coach of all time.

All Bob Stoops has done is to be the only coach to win every BCS bowl game and a National Championship.

Art Briles hasn't been around quite as long as Gundy, but prior to his takeover in 2008 the Bears had never -- not a single time -- beaten OU. The Pokes Bedlam record is bad, but it's not that bad, and now the Bears are playing for their third Big 12 title in a row.

Gary Patterson's job at TCU is nothing short of masterful. After getting the Frogs into the Big 12, a feat in and of itself, he's got them playing for Big 12 titles in just two years. And that's not all they're contending for as TCU currently ranks third in the nation.

Charlie Strong has gotten off to a rough start in Austin, but let's face it, he got a pretty raw deal. Does anyone think he's not a great coach? There's also no denying that the Longhorns are on their way back up. There's seemingly controversy coming out of Austin every week lately, but lost in the headlines is that the Horns are competitive despite being short on depth and extremely young. It's only a matter of time before it starts showing in the win column. We know this form Strong's time at Louisville. After taking over a mediocre squad in 2010, he took the Cardinals to an 11-win season in 2012 which included a Sugar Bowl win, and followed that up with a 12-win season in 2013 before leaving for Austin.

So where would you rank Mike Gundy in the Big 12?