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CRFF Mailbag - Was It All A Fluke?

This past week has got us back to getting the Kool-Aid, but was it a fluke or no?

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Seven turnovers is a lot, no matter who you play. However, when you play the smaller schools, a lot of people are going to question if your team is just good, or is the other team really that bad? That and more will be discussed thoroughly in this weeks mailbag.

When you say lose does that mean he retires? Sure. A team who wins a national title is going to bring some big name guy in the next year who can also do it. Plus, who wouldn't want to win a national title? I'd cut off my right arm for that.

This question is going to mess with a few. Fluke isn't the right word, though you can use it. UTSA isn't a great team, but they usually aren't the type to turn it over that much, hell, no one is. Is OSU going to do that again? No, very unlikely. It just doesn't happen very often. I'd love for Oklahoma State to go back to two or three turnovers a game, if they turn each of those into touchdowns, that's a 14-21 point swing. I think with the quarterbacks and offenses in this league, it's definitely doable.

Absolutely. There's a hole group of teams who aren't that great at the whole tackling thing.

  1. Kansas
  2. ISU
  3. Texas Tech
  4. Texas
  5. Sometimes Baylor
  6. Oh and TCU if they keep losing players
  7. Kansas State is eighth against the run.
Carson is going to be good, and if the line continues to have improvements, he's a 100 yard rusher in plenty of games. Also, if you give the guy the ball 17-24 times a game, he better get 100.

I'd have to say soon, I mean we're all expecting it right? If they stop throwing him the fade and just let him do what he's good at, it should happen this week. Texas is going to be focused on stopping David Glidden I would assume. It has to come soon.
I mean, this isn't a good Texas defense. But they aren't allowing 69 points. I think Oklahoma State can get up to the mid-40s and that's about it.
Hopefully we've seen the last of his misses. But let's be honest, we probably haven't. I'd set the O/U at six total for the rest of the year. How about you?