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The Quick Draw - Texas has a quarterback, Hill doing things at his new place and more

Here's today's edition of The Quick Draw

Home Brewed News

  • "However, Jerrod Heard has injected excitement into what was pretending to be an offense, and has given me reason to be very anxious about this upcoming game," Robert Whetsell in this weeks opponents 301, Texas could be a scary game.
  • Is it? The running game took a week off against UCA, but came up big in last weeks 69-14 win over UTSA.
  • Mike Gundy said he'd have to talk to Kliff about what he said this weekend in regards to Arkansas coach Brett Bielema and thinks there's no question that Heard is the guy in Austin.

Pistols Firing

  • Here's an update on "Ty" Hill, probably the most famous former Oklahoma State player who only played a year.
  • Here are a few great gifs of the Oklahoma State game for those who missed it, or just didn't see this.
  • Texas is celebrating moral victories. Tell the fans from 2009 that in 2015, this is what the program has come to. In all seriousness, we were doing this last year after Baylor, just didn't say it like this.

The Mothership