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CRFF What We Learned - A lot of nothing, but a lot of something, we think.

What did we learn after Saturdays 69-14 drumming of UTSA? Find out now.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Sure the defense showed they could be strong this past weekend, but is that what we'll see all year? Seven turnovers is a lot, and very hard to duplicate, but it's not impossible. We discuss it this week.

Yeah, he really doesn't. But I love it about him. Even when he's hyped up and excited, he's still looking to draw blood from the opposing team. Something you definitely want from any coach, especially the defensive coordinator.

I mean, you're not completely wrong. OSU played a pretty weak UTSA team. However, if they do it to Texas, do we still say we learned nothing? In a few weeks we'll be able to look at this game and really tell what we learned. Right now, I think we took advantage of a pretty bad team.

What We Learned

  • I told you the offense would be fine. I don't care if more than half came from turnovers, they competed and turned almost every one of those into points. That's all you want from an offense, turn anything into points. Defense did everything they could.
  • Oklahoma State has a pretty good stack of running backs. The fourth string guy even got a touchdown. Let that sink in.
  • Mason Rudolph continues to show his accuracy. Sure he throws it a bit high at times but 17-23? We'll take it.

What Robert Learned

1...when the defense gets turnovers, even our offensive line looks good

2...Bad non-con schedules mean you know nothing about your team until conference play begins...that's stressful;

3...speaking of stressful, I hate any QB that reminds me of this