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Texas Offensive Preview: A New Kind of Weapon

Texas lost last week and everyone saw it. Texas, the way they were playing late, probably should have won that game in overtime. Circumstances didn't allow that though. Regardless of that, the Longhorns new young weapon should have you worried.

Jerrod Heard should have your attention now.
Jerrod Heard should have your attention now.
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Smells Like Teen Spirit:

It is not just Jerrod Heard that is leading the youth movement in Austin. In total there are four freshman, three of which are true freshman, starting for the Longhorns. John Burt is probably the next most notable name of young playmakers. Burt, is one of only two wide receivers that has recorded a touchdown this season. Burt's length and speed makes him a big play threat and will be a guy that Heard will connect with for years to come. Until the Cal game, the Longhorns hadn't really found their groove in the passing game. After attaining 364 yards through the air though, it is safe to say the groove has been located. The matchup that might play in the favor of Oklahoma State most is the two true freshman on the Longhorn offensive line. Connor Williams has come in and claimed the left tackle position, but that also means he has claimed the toughest matchup against the Cowboys. Look for Emmanuel Ogbah to show the young Williams that there is a stark difference between other defensive ends and the potential first round pick. We can't forget about Patrick Vahe either at right guard. If you can't find him, look for the hair. He makes Ofa Hautau jealous.

Bang or Bust:

Against, the Bears from Berkeley, the Longhorns used big plays as the catalyst to the offense. Remember though that the Cal defense was known ahead of time to be suspect, and susceptible to big plays and large offensive outputs against it. Six different players on the Longhorn offense recorded a play of 20-yards or more. In three games, the Cowboys have only allowed eight opposing players to gain 20 or more yards in a single play. This will be the best defense that Texas has faced all season, but this will also be the most talented group of players the Oklahoma State defense has faced so far.

Everybody Gets One:

Last week everyone, at least everyone with a soul felt bad for Nick Rose for at least a split second. A guy who is arguably one of the top three kickers in the conference shanks a game-tying extra point try to tie the game with Cal and likely send it into overtime. Do not discount him though. Rose has made a career out of being a solid kicker. Rose has plenty of leg to make 50+ yard attempts but is efficient from 49 yards and shorter. Rose has missed three extra points (44/47, 94%) in his career but don't expect that to happen again this coming week.

Check in Friday when we take a look at the Longhorn defense. Join us, won't you?