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The Quick Draw - Great looks at that Texas offense that's getting better, sort of.

Here's today's edition of The Quick Draw

Home Brewed News

  • Chalk Talk is really one of our staples here at CRFF this year as Thomas Fleming really knows his stuff, so if you're not reading these, start now. This week, he dove into just where Oklahoma State is stealing its stuff from.
  • Is Heard the only offensive weapon Texas has? How young are the Longhorns on offense? Graham has some information on that side of the ball for you this morning.
  • We're sorry you had to live through this, Jenni Carlson, but it's been eight years since we all found out that Mike Gundy is a man.
  • Don't forget to vote for Mason Rudolph OR Pat Mahomes as the top sophomore quarterback in the Big 12.

Pistols Firing

  • Nine quarterbacks. That's the amount of guys who have taken snaps for the Longhorns or Cowboys in last five games between the two.

The Mothership

The Two (?) Longhorn Sites