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Buy or Sell: Oklahoma State Hangs 40 on the Horns

Could OSU score over 40 for the second time ever against UT?

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we saw the Oklahoma State offense finally click on all cylinders. This weeks game at DKR presents the first real road challenge of the season as the Cowboys open up Big12 play. Will OSU put up 69 on UT in Austin? Highly doubtful. Can they put up 40 at DKR for the first time ever against a Texas defense that has struggled this year?



As mentioned, OSU is coming off a blowout win in which they put up 69 points, much of them coming off turnovers. However, it's likely we see the playbook opened up for the first time this season after very conservative offensive play calling the first three games. In addition, Texas is giving up 38 points per game, even giving up 28 to Rice.....The argument can be made Rice should have put up even more after turning it over four times. They out gained UT 462 to 277. Oh, and this was at DKR. UT followed that up by giving up 45 to Cal at home.

Clearly this isn't the same home field advantage they are used to. OSU has put up 38 the last two times they played in that stadium. This is 2015 team is far from the OSU team that scored only 7 against UT at BPS last year. With OSU coming in riding high and the UT defense not looking like a UT defense OSU scores 42+


In a series dominated by Texas (24-5 all time) and the familiarity with what OSU wants to do offensively, the Horns batten down the hatches and have their best performance of the season defensively. We all know this is an uber talented defense, just look at Malik Jefferson. Although said defense is young and inexperienced.

Texas has struggled on defense partially because that defense has been on the field far too much, and the emergence of Heard will allow the Horns to control possession better than the first three games (Rice held the ball for over 44 minutes) keeping Rudolph and company on the sideline. OSU has never scored 40 at DKR and has only put up 40 on Texas once, scoring 42 in a win in 1997 win. This may not be the Texas of old but they feed off of the crowd and keep the high powered Cowboys at bay. Or do they? You decide.