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Honoring Video Coordinator Jeff Naple

It's been a sad week in Stillwater

Early Sunday morning, it was sadly announced that Jeff Naple had lost his long-fought battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 54.

An Oklahoma State graduate and Pittsburgh native, Naple had been the video coordinator for OSU Football for almost three decades. Being from Pittsburgh, he had earned the nickname "Pitt". Early on Monday, OSU coach Mike Gundy spoke on Pitt a little, saying, "Pitt was a special person to us, I don't really ever remember a time he wasn't around here." Gundy said. "He was outstanding at his job and played an important role in helping me do mine...

"We are going to miss his sense of humor and everything that he brought to our program."

Today is his funeral, being held at Sunnybrook Christian Church, in Stillwater,74075 at 10:30 A.M. A sad day for the family, friends and everyone connected with Naple.

His wife, Bonnie Naple, posted this on his GoFundMe Account:

"Jeffrey Thomas Naple went to be with His God and Savior this morning at 3:45. His journey led him there through sickness and pain. I'm sad about that, it seems even the sky pouring rain this morning is screaming "this is heartbreaking". I am shedding tears, but know relief will come soon as I'm able to let go and acknowledge he now rests in the arms of Jesus, at peace and whole in a way we can only imagine. I find such peace in that thought, I hope you do too.

Thank you for your friendship and love not just during Jeff's illness, but all the moments your God ordained time with him allowed. He was a good man, a great husband, dad and friend. He will be missed. Truthfully, I'm jealous Jeff got to go see Jesus before me...But rejoicing BIG that God has made it so.

The football team will also be honoring Jeff in one of the more amazing ways, as Rex and Chief tweeted this out:

You can still donate money to Pitt's GoFundMe account here.