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Buy or Sell - Oklahoma State Beats Texas

It's a very simple question, I promise

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

After spending many years from 1997 to 2009 losing to Texas, Oklahoma State finally turned it around in 2010 with a 33-16 win over the Longhorns in Austin. The Cowboys went on to win 2011 in Austin as well, but would fall twice in the next three years, each at home in Stillwater.

So now, here we stand as the home team has lost each game in this series since 2010, and it could very well happen again as Oklahoma State is pretty heavily favored in this Saturdays game.


Oklahoma State strolls into Austin, Texas and takes care of business. The struggle to find an offensive pulse continues for the Longhorns and the Cowboys win by at least 17 points. Defense looks strong and offense continues to take care of the opportunities given by turnovers.


Oklahoma State still wins, but a little less easily as Jerrod Heard shows off his talent but a young Texas team can't finish it off. Either way, Oklahoma State wins.


Things get bad for Oklahoma State in a hurry. The defense can't find a way to stop Heard and the Texas offense as the Longhorns run all over the vaunted Cowboy defense. Ogbah and Bean are held to no sacks and Texas breaks the streak of home team losing in this series.