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Why Oklahoma State Will Beat Texas

This should be fairly easy to analyze

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Let's look at the realistic side of this, it's Texas. They have lost at least five games in every season but one since 2009 when they went to the national championship. They fired long time coach Mack Brown after an 8-5 season that, "wasn't up to Texas standards" and hired Charlie Strong from Louisville and that didn't go as planned yet.

They hired Steve Patterson as their new Athletic Director, and well, that only lasted about 22 months, which isn't good in any job really. So now it's Mike Perrin as the interim AD along with Charlie Strong changing offensive coordinators in hopes that Oklahoma State will just drop that lawsuit against Joe Wickline (yeah, right).

Not only are the offices in shambles, but the Longhorns didn't even have a quarterback for more than a year. I mean, we had Daxx "what's a check down route?" Garman for a while but that was because we wanted to keep a redshirt on Mr. Mason Rudolph. Now they've got this guy named Jerrod Heard who is supposed to be pretty good after one game. You know who else was supposed to be good after one game?

  • Daxx Garman.
  • Trevor Knight
  • Some other guys.
Let's not forget that he had a good game against California, who's defense isn't that good. That's only half the reason Oklahoma State will win this game.

They'll also win it because of all the youth playing for Texas, there's a lot of it. One of them is the left tackle, who has to face off against that one Emmanuel Ogbah guy, which should be fun. Oklahoma State defense allows less points than most the NCAA, so they're pretty good. Let's not forget the offense, I mean come on, they scored 69 points last week? Who cares if half of them came from turnovers?

Oh, and if you're saying all of this is not really telling you why they'll win, here's another reason.

STATS. Boom.