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CRFF Roundtable Week Four - Is Carson For Real and Predictions for this weeks game

come on by, we're not crazy, we think

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Here's what our contributors will be discussing in this weeks roundtable:

1) Well, last week was exciting. Was that us being good or UTSA being bad? 
2) Does Chris Carson go for another 100 piece this week against a pretty poor Texas rush defense? 
3) Predict the game.

Kyle Cox

1) Both. While UTSA was an inferior opponent, the Pokes actually made them look that way. They put in young guys and still continued to create takeaways and put up points.
2) Yes. He might could have gone 150+ if he would have played the whole game and UT IS awful at stopping the run.
3) 38-17. I think Heard makes some plays and that's about all the Longhorns got.


1) I'm inclined to lean a little more to the UTSA being bad, but OSU definitely improved. The turnovers were a bit of an don't normally get 7 in one game, but UTSA has shown the tendency for several a game in their previous two losses, so not shocking that a defense that was actually focused on it hit the motherload. The Roadrunners didn't load up to stop the run, and it showed.
2) I don't know about his 100, but I would hope the Cowboys put 2 bills in the rushing column. If they do, I think they win handily.
3) I have absolutely not one fucking idea. Because of my angst over running QB's, I'm anticipating a close game that ends up with a last ditch drive by Texas. Also, with a mobile QB like Heard, I'm also anticipating ulcers.

Okstate Gents

We hung over 50 against UTSA which is what I needed to be happy, so I'm back to sipping on the koolaid. I got into an argument with some guy after the game basically said "I'm still not happy because most of our points came off of turnovers" and I nearly lost my mind because that's what we've been lacking for so long now and we finally got it.

If Texas doesn't try and stop the run, it's going to be a long game. However 100 yards isn't out of reach for Carson but would like to see Childs with more attempts.

I can't tell if this is going to be a nail biter, a throttling by the good guys, or disappointment for the rest of the season beginning now. I'm anticipating a close game for three quarters with us pulling away by a couple of scores late in the 4th due to Texas mistakes. Or maybe they'll miss another extra point to lose the game.

Cory Treece

1) Half of those turnovers were careless by UTSA, but I really think forcing turnovers is what this team is going to have to do to win games. I really don't think OSU is good enough to go blow for blow with the better opponents without winning the turnover battle. This game was an extreme case of what they need to do, but forcing 2-3 turnovers a game is a must the rest of the way in my opinion.

2) I'd like to see Carson go for 90-100 and Childs get another 60-70. I think they could really use them as a one-two punch against UT to get the job done Saturday.

3) If Rudolph manages the game well, OSU plays D like they have been, and the running backs can get some space, I see no reason why OSU won't win by two touchdowns. Of course most of us know that playing down in Austin is always nerve racking (I don't care about the recent success down there the early 2000's still haunt my dreams). I'll be nervous during most of the game I'm sure.


1 - Those turnovers were careless, yes. However, UTSA wasn't a team to do all that before. I think our defensive line got enough pressure to put the fear into their hearts. Great play. Won't happen again, but I'd agree 2-3 is a must and definite possibility.

2) I think Carson does. They'll give him the ball enough to get there.

3) I've got OSU 32 Texas 21

Nick Tyler

I think this is the week OSU opens up the playbook. We've seen "conservative" offense from OSU as they've faced inferior opponents. Their 3-0 which is what they wanted to be going into this game and have done so without showing much. I think they come out with an offense that's looks explosive. I think they'll be able to run the ball against the Texas defense. I think Carson will have over 100 yards again and I think Rudolph will have a big game as well.

Cameron Osburn

While I think the confidence from last weeks beat down helps, I think a lot of that game had to do with UTSA being god awful. 

Carson doesn't go for 100 against UT. If he couldn't do it against UCA he definitely won't do it at DKR in his first Big 12 game. Could he give us 15-20 carries for 80-90 yards? Sure. But I don't see 100. 

I'm far less confident in this pick than I was just a week ago. Texas may be on to something offensively. However, I still think OSU wins in a tight one. The only competent D the Horns have played against this year is ND and they put up just 3 on em. So OSU should fare much better than Cal if our D is as good as a lot of us think it is. I see this being a 31-28 type of ball game. So long as Yurcich finally opens the play book.

Nathan Hymel

Any defense that can force seven turnovers in one game is a good one. UTSA certainly contributed but this defense prides itself on turnovers and it finally showed. Turnovers spark points and the offense finally got going.

I'm absolutely buying that Chris Carson can run for 100 yards. Texas gave up 280 rushing yards alone to Cal. Carson looked confident against UTSA. He was hitting holes hard that he was hesitant to hit in the first two weeks. He is only going to get better in this offense.

Texas will keep it close through three quarters before OSU pulls away in the fourth. OSU 27-20  

You tell us what you think.