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Buy Or Sell - Barry Sanders Statue On Campus

Robert Griffin III has one for heavens sake

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

There are tons of people out there who deserve statues. For example, Oklahoma has its Heisman Park and like it or not, having five Heismans is probably a reason to have each up and bronzed. Lou Holtz has one at Notre Dame, Nick Saban and Paul "Bear" Bryant have one, along with many more.

Many of these guys deserve them, getting great production for years, breaking records or getting their names into the top players/coaches of all time and bringing their respective programs to new levels. Others are Robert Griffin III, but that's all we're going to say on that part.

However, one great guy doesn't have one. Barry Sanders, Oklahoma State running back from 1986-88, breaking just about every record in the book his junior season.


Barry Sanders needs one. He put this program on his back, carrying for 2,850 yards on 373 attempts while scoring 42 times (including bowl game). In what has been repeatedly called the best season ever in college football, Sanders shined, helping OSU get to a 10-2 record and a Holiday Bowl win.

Why wouldn't we have a Sanders statue on campus? Where would OSU be without him, our only Heisman winner? A statue of Sanders could do a lot, and at least it wouldn't be the only statue by Boone Pickens Stadium, there's also the spirit rider one.

Oh, and he actually did well in the NFL, so there's that too.


Barry didn't even care about the Heisman. As pointed out by Pokelahoma on Twitter, his personality doesn't really fit the 'statue' kind of guy. That's really the only reason I've got for you on not giving Barry Sanders a statue, other than maybe saying we should wait till OSU gets another Heisman winner.