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PREDICTION TIME!!! Oklahoma State at Texas

You did marginally better, but not enough to avoid punishment.

This week you get Whetsell.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not sure if being a "punishment" for you guys is something I should be proud of, but what the hell, let's have a go at this.

Schultzy is on his way to Austin today, I think for some kind of "smart ass" convention or something.

First off, I'm the winner from last week. That's we say in golf, he who controls the pencil usually wins.

1. Final score?

2. Uniform combination...screw this, what do WANT to see (go to NewsOk to play with the choices)? This is my choice, worn for the last two trips to Austin...

3. Chances UT's interim AD hands Mike Holder a huger game show check before the game for the settlement of the Wickline lawsuit?

4. Texas has the 120th ranked rush defense. How many yards per carry does OSU average?

5. O/U on how many plays we see BEFORE we get a WR lateral/swing/bubble pass from Yurcich?

6. Which happens first...a 20+ yard run by Heard, or Heard gets pancaked by Ogbah/Bean?.

7. Whose defense has more sacks, OSU or Texas?

8. Whose place kicker shanks it first?

9. Which offense makes you do this first?

10. Number of times a Heard scramble makes you do this?

Two bonus questions...

11. OSU's first offensive play...between the tackles, or go for the jugular?

12. How many end zone fades will we throw to our shortest receivers?