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Mike Gundy Does The Gundy

We all know about it, and it's still great every single time

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Almost four years ago to the day (September 24, 2011), the Oklahoma State Cowboys were ranked No. 7 heading into the game against No. 8 Texas A&M.

The game was good for Oklahoma State fans as the fans turned in a 30-29 win. Afterward we got to see what everyone now knows as "The Gundy." Today, the Cowboys barely beat the Texas Longhorns 30-27 and you better believe that coach Mike Gundy hasn't lost a step since 2011.

The Cowboys lucked out in today's game thanks to penalties and the defense stepping up in the second half but also thanks to a punter who couldn't catch a snap. Now 4-0 for the first time since 2011, the Cowboys will look forward to playing Kansas State in Stillwater next.