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Oklahoma State vs. Texas: A Summary Through Gifs

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, emotions cannot be expressed through words. In those instances, we occasionally have to turn to other forms of expression, such as art. In the second edition of this series, we present to you CRFF's summary of yesterday's game through gifs.

When the offense glided down the field on their first possession:

Our faces at the end of the first quarter:

Our faces at the beginning of the second quarter: 

When Mason Rudolph fumbled the ball for a UT touchdown:

Our faces at the end of the half:

When Walsh threw a touchdown pass on the goal line:
When Mason Rudolph threw an interception for a UT touchdown:

When Rudolph threw another interception in the fourth quarter:

When Charlie Strong pushed the official to lead to a 15 yard penalty:

When OSU got a delay of game penalty...on a field goal:

When Texas' punt got blocked with less than a minute left:

When the Cowboys had the ball inside the 30 with a tie game: 

When Grogan was preparing for the potential game-winning field goal:

...and when he made it:

And finally, when the Cowboys escaped Austin with the 30-27 win:

That's today's summary through gifs. OSU fans, if you could summarize this week's victory in less than three words, what would they be? Be sure to post your responses in the comments below!