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Oklahoma State Weird Weekend Continues - Moves Up In Coaches and AP Poll


Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not going to lie to you, it's a little surprising to see Oklahoma State move up that much. The weekly coaches poll was released this morning and Oklahoma State has made its way up to No. 19.

The Cowboys are 4-0 but could easily be 3-1 if a certain punter could catch a ball or (according to some sites) if the refs weren't "corrupt." Joining the four Big 12 teams to make it five is West Virginia, who comes in at No. 21 after destroying Maryland.

AP Poll Out around 2 p.m.

AP Coaches S&P+
1 Ohio State (45) Ohio State (61) Alabama
2 Michigan State (5) Michigan State (2) Florida State
3 Ole Miss (10) TCU West Virginia
4 TCU Baylor LSU
5 Baylor Ole Miss (1) Ole Miss
6 Notre Dame Georgia Clemson
7 UCLA Notre Dame Ohio State
8 Georgia LSU Oklahoma
9 LSU Florida State USC
10 Utah (1) UCLA Michigan
11 Florida State Clemson Georgia
12 Clemson Utah Notre Dame
13 Alabama Alabama Stanford
14 Texas A&M Oklahoma UCLA
15 Oklahoma Texas A&M Michigan State
16 Northwestern USC Wisconsin
17 USC Northwestern TCU
18 Stanford Wisconsin Baylor
19 Wisconsin Oklahoma State Duke
20 Oklahoma State Stanford Minnesota
21 Mississipi State West Virginia Florida
22 Michigan Mississippi State Penn State
23 West Virginia Florida Tennessee
24 Cal Cal (tie) Miami
25 Florida Oregon (tie) Texas A&M