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The Day After - We Got Lucky

That was an intense game, huh?

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State got lucky, according to most people, after pulling away late in Austin to top Texas 30-27. Now that we've had almost a full day to really digest the game and have heard some things from multiple outlets and people, here are some thoughts.

1) The Orange Kool-Aid Can't Get Strong Enough

There's no reason for us to believe this team is going to make the college football playoff, let alone the Big 12. Could they threaten and beat some big teams? Sure, but the Cowboys of 2015 are still young and a year removed from going 7-5. Texas Tech could be a scary game but we saw Pat Mahomes struggle late with fatigue and injury against a fairly weak (in terms of players injured) TCU team. WVU should be good, but the best team they've played let Daxx Garman take snaps for them willingly. This year could be a eight to nine win season, but the offense needs to become more consistent.

2) This defense is the truth

We've become so accustomed to seeing OSU teams fly up and down the field on offense, so it is understandable that some may not like the fact that it stalls at times. However, there's no denying this defense is awesome. Allowing no points on their own in the second half against what was a pretty good Texas offense is great. We'll need that defense in some games this year.

3) Mason Rudolph is still learning

This shouldn't come as a surprise. He just finished his seventh game but that was still the worst we've really seen him play. Could he have hurt himself a bit? Maybe, and I'm hoping that's the reason. But these next few games could be good for learning.

4) The middle of the offensive line is atrocious

I'm not going to sit here and name any specific players, but come on. There's a certain guard that has been blown up all season, hurting Chris Carson's running game.

5) Rennie Childs should play more

I think he will too. He's a better runner in terms of bouncing it outside when the line is blown up, which is a lot this year. Carson is good, but Childs has become a man possessed and turned into a complete different player over the offseason. Mrs. Childs, if you're reading this, you were right.

6) We know nothing about this team other than defense is solid.

We've heard it since the second kick last year. But OSU was a different decision away from a five win season in 2014, and about three penalties away from a loss in Texas this year. The Cowboys still haven't played anyone with more than one win on under their belt but are 4-0, so I guess all we can say is to just keep winning. Because in the end, that's all that matters.

7) Penatlies

Sure, penalties influenced that game more than other games. But that happens sometimes. I don't think the penalties kept Heard and the Texas offense from scoring the whole second half, but that's just me. Next week should be fun against a KSU team we know even less about.

8) There is no quarterback controversy

No. Stop. It's Rudolph, Walsh and it won't be Walsh, Rudolph. From some things I've heard around, there's a possibility that Rudolph was hurt. Or maybe the coaches weren't lying to us and they really did want to get the run game ignited. But either way, this is Mason Rudolph's team.