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Week 4 Player of The Game

Holy smokes. Texas game has left us all befuddled. The player of the game options are far and wide the most unique of the season.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Just when it seemed like things were starting to settle into a routine with the Cowboys, things went a little haywire. We were steering towards normalcy when it came to the Player of the Game nominees. Mason Rudolph, Chris Carson and Emmanuel Ogbah (possibly still nominated) seemed destined for weekly nominations. But then Mason Rudolph suffered numb fingers and Chris Carson suffered a knee injury and things got a little weird in Austin (the way they like it eh?). Check out the Week Four Player of The Game Nominees below.

J.W. Walsh - J.W. was responsible for a touchdown on the ground and one through the air. He came in and did his best to hold things down when an injured Mason Rudolph was struggling to find his way in Austin. We don't know for sure, but we think J.W.'s dad was a high school coach in Texas and may have coached Texas quarterback Jerrod Heard. We also don't know for sure but J.W. may have provided some good insight into how to stop Heard.

Game Stats: 2/2, two yards & one touchdown; four carries, 27 yards & one touchdown.

Ben Grogan - The kicker who had struggled early in the season is long gone, the steady, if not clutch, Ben Grogan has returned. A perfect three-for-three day was everything this team needed on a day when the offense fell off a bridge after halftime. Even when a boneheaded delay of game penalty moved an already pressured filled game winning try back, Grogan calmly nailed it. In about a minute span Grogan tied the game and won it. He's zoned in, and not a second late.

Game Stats: FG's:  3/3, XP:  3/3.

Emmanuel Ogbah - Ogbah was a beast on Saturday getting almost constant pressure on Jerrod Heard and showing off his never ending motor. When the game swung into a defensive battle Ogbah and the Cowboys were up to the challenge. Ogbah is proving his preseason hype to be well deserved. It feels like we're watching one of the "greats" doesn't it?

Game Stats: Six tackles, two sacks and 2.5 tackles for loss

Charlie Strong - Strong's late game unsportsmanlike conduct penalty moved the Cowboys firmly into field goal range to tie the game. His team racked up an outrageous 16 penalties for 128 yards. I think I speak for all the Cowboy fans when I say "Thanks Chuck!".

Game Stats: One massive unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Michael Dickson - The Longhorns punter mishandled the snap on a late fourth quarter punt and then proceeded to scoop up the ball and punt it a whole 10 yards, if that, for what was recorded as a negative six yard punt. This set the Cowboys up for a inconceivable win when the offense was relegated to an option style offense lead by J.W. Walsh.

Game Stats: Seven punts for 282 yards.  One beautiful one for 10 yards (-6?) that set the Cowboys up for the win.

Alright guys, after a kooky game in Austin we had a little fun with this weeks player of the game nominations. Who's it going to be? Will the results be as wacky as the game? Let us know your thoughts!