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Oklahoma State Advanced Statistical Profile Has Oklahoma State Winning One More Game

Wait, what?

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Connelly has nicely put up every teams Advanced Statistical Profile, so yes Oklahoma State is there. One of the stats that are kept are win probability percentage.

In The 2015 Advanced College Football Stats Glossary, you can read up on all the definitions for the things you don't quite understand on Oklahoma State's page. One of the definitions is on win expectancy (probability), as you can see here:

This communicates how frequently a team would have won a specific game given that game's primary stats. It is intended to say "Given your success rates, big plays, field position components, turnovers, etc., you could have expected to win this game X% of the time." It has nothing to do with pre-game projections or opponent adjustments.

Now, many a person has mentioned how the Cowboys haven't played up to par, or at least not to what many expected them to at one point this summer. However, I'm willing to bet no one thought to see this.

That's a lot of losses for a Cowboy team who had been labeled as "dark horses" by many this offseason, including Connelly. Now, there isn't Bill or someone out there making these predictions, they're solely based on numbers that have been compiled through four weeks, if anything it just backs what many fans are thinking at the moment. Oklahoma State could very well lose some of the games left on the schedule as teams like Texas Tech and West Virginia are both up and coming in their own ways.

But a loss to Iowa State, the team who lost to Iowa and Toledo? That would hurt. I encourage you to go and take a look at Oklahoma State's page though, there's a lot of great information done by the great work and effort done by the people who made them.