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Sights and Sounds from a Weekend in Austin

Me and Nathan Hymel's experience at UT.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Once we saw tickets were down to 50 bucks there was never a doubt that we had to go see OSU play at UT.

For me, growing up a UGA fan, I can honestly say I never thought I would go to a game at DKR. Boy was I wrong and boy was it well worth it. As a disclaimer, Austin has the BEST food of any place I've ever been. It's not even remotely close. Starting with the night before the game, we had to hit sixth street. You hear so much about it we had to see what it was all about. Let me say this, the strip has nothing on 6th. I love the strip, but 6th is a whole different animal. Being out on the town in OSU gear the night before UT's Big 12 opener I expected to hear my fair share of trash talk. Not the case. I think two people said something, and they were not bad about it at all. Not that I wanted a fight, but I was hoping for more good nature back and forth than what we got.

Even at DKR, we both had a few people say something but it was very tame. The crowd through the first quarter as OSU came out and punched them in the mouth was astonishingly quiet. There was also an unreal amount of empty seats. I'd say there was maybe 65,000 people there. If I had to bet money I'd say that 5,000 of those were OSU people. You could just sense that the years of frustration, underachieving and seemingly lack of direction from the program was wearing on the UT faithful. I cant blame them. It's been ugly. To make matters worse it was about 500 degrees out.

When Mason somehow managed to drop a football mid throw, though, the UT faithful came alive. I'm shocked absolutely SHOCKED, though, that they support Swoopes the way they do. Everytime he did anything "SWOOOOOOPES" came echoing down. Why? He is a horrendous QB with one talent and that is running. Anyways, the Horns fans were lowed for a couple quarters as we all sat there sweating out butts off watching both teams try not to lose, instead of trying to win. Side note the "OU rejects" chants the UT student section started was hilarious. Guess who didn't even reply to OU? This guy. But I'm somehow a reject? Cute, you do you UT. You do you.

The penalties, ohhhhhhh the penalties. Boy was that a fun experience. The guy in front of us thought the roughing the passer call in which Mason got drilled high was questionable. I'm not saying there wasn't questionable calls but REALLY? That one was clear. He then proceeded to flip out on a "no call" against OSU that was ACTUALLY called. Some of the lack of knowledge coming from that fan base amused me. I guess that's any fan base though.

As the game wound down and UT blew another game with horrific special teams the horns fans had seen enough. The day was capped off in my opinion as we stood there doing our alma mater and a UT fan threw his hat off of the upper deck. Thanks for the great weekend Austin. A win and great food.

For those making a trip there anytime soon, z tejas and Pelons are two restaurants I highly recommend.