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Robert and King Week Five Power Rankings

Things got weird

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Robert is very busy, but he and King did do the power rankings. So here I (Gerald) am, writing it for him, because he has this thing called a job.

Here are the rankings


1. TCU- Hey, you out Tech'd Tech.

2.Tech- So close to first, and a meaningful victory. Please win next weekend.

3. WVU- Country roads and such, we'll see how many couches get burnt Saturday.

4. OU- Chance to move way up in my powerpoll. I just puked a little typing that.

5. Baylor- Hey, time to play an actual opponent.

6. OSU- Dat offense tho

7. KSU- First test of the season, let me give you a hint (don't worry about stopping the run, it stops itself around here)

8. UT- So, about last weekend......

9. ISU- It's time for the annual powderpuff bowl, where a stoppable force meets a movable object.

10. KU- You really shouldn't be this awful.


1. TCU...Thank heavens, you allowed me to be reasonable this week.

2.Baylor...You hold on to all those gawdy stats from 3 games against trash. You're gonna have to play a real defense eventually, and we saw how that worked out here.

3. OU...your defense didn't allow a score this week.

4. WVU...Your defense allowed Daxx Garman to score?

5. Tech...It's ok to cry, you could've been Texas. They cried AND threw a world class tantrum.

6. OSU...a first place defense wasted on a shit show of offensive coordinating, and I'm looking at Gundy, not Yurcich.

7. KState...this upcoming game in Stillwater...ALL the running plays...

​8. Texas...Poor old shorthorns. How did you survive all these years with the entire world against you?

​​9. Iowa State...

10. Kansas...these last two I didn't even type. Just hit CTRL-SUCK on my keyboard to paste.​