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Big 12 Power Rankings - What Tier Are You In

I'm mostly going by record here, so don't get hurt if your team isn't the best.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Tier One - The Provens (?)

1) TCU

They're honestly a little lucky to be here. The injuries continued to pile up but an amazing display of concentration and athleticism on the tip drill in Lubbock keeps them undefeated. If the Horned Frogs can find a way to stay healthy, they should beat up on a lot of teams in the Big 12.

2) Baylor

They beat Rice and scored 70 points. It's almost like beating UTSA and scoring 69 points. Does it really matter? But they're still undefeated and are still showing the world that you can plug anyone in that offense and find a way to score a lot of points. Defense is still possibly a question.

Tier Two - The "Missing One Side Of The Ball"

3) Oklahoma

They're here at No. 3 because of the whole strength of schedule thing. However, with every loss Tennessee picks up, the Sooners look a little bit worse. My problem with this team is they have at least three guys who could get drafted in May but they can't find a way to stop Tulsa. That's why they're tier two.

4) Oklahoma State

We're going to go with tier two here as well, but basically the exact opposite as OU. Everyone thought he offense would be better, and it's showed glimpses, but it's not doing much of anything. Kansas State should provide a little more insight, but the Cowboys still haven't played anyone with more than one win.

T-4) Texas Tech

Let's be honest, if TCU doesn't come back, Tech just jumped to a top 15 positioning in the polls. Mahomes did seem to be hurt near the end, and the defense is still a huge question but we'll see.

5) West Virginia

They've beaten some pretty eh teams. Liberty, Georgia Southern and Maryland. People want to point at Maryland but don't realize they've played three quarterbacks this season because they've had to, not because they wanted to get them playing time or anything. We'll see how this WVU team plays in the coming weeks as they've got trips to OU, Baylor and TCU, finishing it off with a homecoming to remember against Oklahoma State.

Tier Three - "The What The Heck Is Going On?"

6) Kansas State

Does anyone actually know anything about this team? Sure, the South Dakota and UTSA game looked good on paper, but they needed three overtimes to beat Louisiana Tech. Is the wizard running out of magic? We'll find out some more from Bring on The Cats this week. They get their own tier though, so that's nice.

Tier Four - "The Bad, But Not That Bad"

7) Iowa State

They're 1-2 but will probably have two wins after beating Kansas this week. Texas could be here, but they're missing the whole special teams thing and going by wins, they may not have another for a little bit.

8) Texas

They very well could lose the next three games, especially if a special teams unit has to trot out onto the field with less than a minute left. If not, they might be able to pull one away. Don't count out Texas though, if TCU suffers another injury or OU forgets to pack its defense again, an upset could be waiting.

Tier Five -You Got Your Own Tier!

9) Kansas

Do we really need to say anything? The offense has looked good at times this year but they might not win a single game.