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Buy or Sell - Kansas State Is For Real

The OSU opponent this year has a pretty solid defense so far.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State is a game into conference play and no team they have played has more than a single win. That's not great. The best team, without question, the Cowboys have played will be Kansas State this Saturday at Boone Pickens. This team may be ranked behind OSU in scoring offense in the Big 12, but they've got a fairly stout defense.


The Wildcats have the second best defense in terms of points allowed at 12.0 per game. They've allowed only 235 yards through three games at an average of 2.4 yards per carry and 78.3 yards per game. Only allowing 946 yards through thee games is amazing. This defense could stump the youthful Cowboys early and often.


They've played a whole lot of no one. The same argument used against OSU can be used against Kansas State. After allowing three points total to UTSA and South Dakota combined, they allowed 33 in the first real game they played. The Bulldogs ran for more than 130 yards and threw for 314, which accounted for 451 of the 922 yards the Wildcats have allowed.

The front seven is still pretty good, but not good enough against Oklahoma State. So what do you say, is this Kansas State defense for real or has The Wizard put a spell on the conference to make us believe it is?