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Central Michigan Offensive Preview: Don't Rush and Overlook

Of course Central Michigan is not in a Power Five conference and their record last season against even the bottom dwellers of Power Fives wasn't sterling. However, there are some pieces to this high octane machine that could prove worrisome for the Pokes.

Cooper Rush impressed last season and is prepared to do the same with another year forthcoming.
Cooper Rush impressed last season and is prepared to do the same with another year forthcoming.
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Oklahoma State does not have too stiff of a foe Thursday against the Central Michigan Chippewas. That does not mean that the Pokes can come out flat defensively in Mt. Pleasant. The nationally televised game will be seen by many, and the impression given by the Cowboys, Thursday could decide if the team is contenders or pretenders.

Feel The Rush

Cooper Rush is the centerpiece to this machine. Without Rush, the Chippewa offense would struggle. Especially this season. Rush is the man this season after being surrounded by talent in previous years. Rush will have to put on a career performance to get past the veteran Cowboy secondary. Last season the secondary suffered injuries and growing pains, due to young players being baptized by fire. All of those players are healthy now and have the experience to wreak havoc on the inexperienced lead line of receivers for the Chippewas.

Feel The Losses

While Rush may be the man behind the center, the rest of the offense is up in the air at this point. The Chippewas lost their leading rusher in Thomas Rawls and their leading receiver in Titus Davis. Davis is now in the NFL, with the San Diego Chargers practice squad and the Chippewas are down to their second and fourth best receiver options from last season. Jesse Kroll and Anthony Rice will lead the receiving corps but the level of success they have will likely not be very effective against the Cowboy secondary. If the Pokes are caught sleeping though, big plays are still possible.

Feel The Replacement

Last season the head coach of the Chippewas was Dan Enos. Enos has since joined Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema as his offensive coordinator. Enos was the mastermind behind the potent offensive attack that the Chippewas had last season. Not to say that the team could not repeat that feat, but the pieces are not necessarily coming together. Cooper Rush is the one true cog from last season and to completely rest the fate of the Chippewa offense on his shoulders is unfair. The philosophy of the Chippewa offense won't change too much, under new head coach John Bonamego.

Coffelt's Predictions:

Although the Cowboys need to make sure that they do not come out flat while visiting Mt. Pleasant, they should be able to win handily and be able to coast through the next few non conference games before the Cowboys travel to Austin, Texas for their Big 12 opener against the Longhorns

Final Score: 38-10 Cowboys