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Weekend TV Schedule for College Football

We've got you covered again

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

After Oklahoma State won their game yesterday it may have left you thirsting for more. The Kool-Aid was decent but it wasn't good, but hey, it did the job. So to help you get over the win (wow, who'd have guessed any Oklahoma State blog would say that?), why not watch more football?

The football continues today at 2:30 Stillwater time when Charlotte and Georgia State face off and is highlighted by games featuring an explosive Baylor team, a fun Michigan State team and the ever lasting "surprise" team in Boise State. Happy Football, y'all.

Fri, Sept 4, 2015
3:30 PM ET
Charlotte at Georgia State
6:00 PM ET
Rhode Island at Syracuse
7:00 PM ET
(5) Michigan State at Western Michigan
7:00 PM ET
(4) Baylor at SMU
8:00 PM ET
Weber State at Oregon State
9:00 PM ET
Kent State at Illinois
10:15 PM ET
Washington at (23) Boise State</