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Stevie Clark Suing Oklahoma State

A lot of people have called for Travis Ford's head over the years, and this could not possibly help his cause.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

In a report released Friday by the O'Colly sports editor Nathan Ruiz, it appears that former Oklahoma State guard Stevie Clark is suing the school and his former coach Travis Ford.

Clark, who was dismissed by OSU after a few incidents, one of which included urinating out of a moving vehicle, is claiming he was forced to take psychotropic drugs. The rest of The O'Colly report is pretty damning, but these two paragraphs really stick out:

From The O'Colly:

Clark became frustrated with Ford in November 2013, claiming "Ford had no intentions of keeping his promises" made to Clark during recruiting, according to the petition.

"Various promises were made with regard to playing time and ensuring that Stevie made it to the next level," the petition states. "Travis Ford even promised Stevie a Camaro."

The report also claims former Cowboy and current Boston Celtic Marcus Smart hazed Clark while at OSU.

The school has responded, saying that Clark's claims are "completely and utterly baseless." After being dismissed from OSU, Clark joined Indiana Hills Community College but has since left the team.