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We've already seen some games, but today is college's football's sabbath.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday and Friday were little dips in the pool.

At first you stick your foot in to test. Ok, not so bad.

Then you get in up to your waist. Ok, let me get used to this for a minute. I'm sure it will soon feel normal enough that I'll just dunk myself.

Then some anonymous kid jumps in right next to you, and it's over.

Today is that anonymous kid.

We've been slowly introduced to the opening of the 2015 college football season. It started with the some FCS action a week ago, then Division I got in the game on Thursday. So far, it's just been appetizers.

Today is the full buffet.

The Big 12 is off to a "good" start, with OSU, TCU, and Baylor all coming away with wins of varying degrees, and not without their question marks.

The rest of the Big 12 jumps in the pool throughout the day, and of course there are some other games of interest.

Here's your Big 12 schedule and viewing options for today:

Central Michigan Oklahoma State OSU 24-13 ESPNU
Minnesota TCU TCU 23-17 ESPN
SMU Baylor Baylor 56-21 ESPN
Kansas South Dakota State 11:00 a.m. FSN
Texas Tech Sam Houston State 2:30 p.m. FSN
5-Sep Oklahoma Akron 6:00 p.m. FOX-PPV
5-Sep Kansas State South Dakota 6:00 p.m.
5-Sep Notre Dame Texas 6:30 p.m. NBC
5-Sep West Virginia Georgia Southern 6:30 p.m. FSN
5-Sep Iowa State Northern Iowa 7:00 p.m.

The marquee game is obviously Texas at Notre Dame, but I would also be interested in Kansas vs S Dakota St. Believe it or not, this could actually be an indication of whether or not Beaty has had ANY impact on the program, much like we saw with SMU against Baylor. Just the presence of a quality coach can make a big difference. Iowa State is opening their revamped stadium, but for the rest of this, well, there really isn't much to see unless the home team struggles.

These aren't the only games of interest today (all times Central)...

Stanford at Northwestern...11am...ESPN
Louisville at Auburn...2:30pm...CBS
Virginia at UCLA...2:30pm...FOX
BYU at Nebraska...2:30pm...ABC
Florida Atlantic at Tulsa...2:30pm...CBSSN
Bowling Green at Tennessee...3pm...SECN
Arizona State at Texas A&M...6pm...ESPN
Wisconsin at Alabama (neutral site)...7pm...ABC

Join us in the comments as we welcome in the first official Saturday of college football.

What games are you most interested in today?