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CRFF Ranks The Big 12: Week 2

Week 1 of Big 12 play is in the books! How does the conference stack up? The CRFF writers take a look.

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With a fairly uneventful week 1 in the books for the Big 12, the conference looks all over the place. Some teams look improved, some look like they took a step back, but most we cannot really judge yet. The Big 12 8-2 in Week 1 most of the victories coming against lesser opponents and the two losses by Texas and Kansas. How did Week 1 effect the Big 12 Rankings?

T-1. TCU (Last Week: 1)

TCU traveled to Minnesota this past week and squeaked out a 23-17 victory in what was a very strange game. TCU doubled the yardage of Minnesota, but wasn't able to finish drives. It didn't cost TCU the game, but if they don't get it figured out by Big 12 play they could be in trouble.

T-1. Baylor (Last Week: 2)

Baylor started out shaky verses SMU, going into halftime only holding a 28-21 lead, but they came out in the second half and made sure no one doubted their offensive prowess. The defense was missing some key players due to injury and suspension and it showed in the first half as SMU was running the ball all over them. Seth Russell looked good but didn't look as sharp as Bryce Petty at some times. We'll see how that plays out the rest of the year.

3. Oklahoma (Last Week: 4)

If you throw out the first quarter OU looked superb. The offense clicked and looked to be much improved from last year. The defense looked incredible but that may still be up in the air because the offense they were facing wasn't exactly world beaters. The offensive line might be a cause of concerned because they got pushed around a lot early on. We'll learn a lot about this OU team after this week when they visit Tennessee.

4. Oklahoma State (Last Week: 3)

Oklahoma State looked very bland versus Central Michigan in week 1. If we've learned anything from last year, its not to overreact to a team based on a week 1 opponent. Rudolph and the offense at some points looked like the offense from 2011 and sometimes it looked like the offense from last year. The d-line looks stout but there were some question marks about the secondary. There is still a lot to learn about this team, but we probably won't find out about them until Big 12 play.

5. West Virginia (Last Week: 5)

The WVU defense looked incredible this past week, pitching a shutout. Even though it came against Georgia Southern, not a team known for being a football power, the defense looks to be one of the best in the Big 12. Plus, under Dana Holgorsen you know that the offense is going to produce a lot of points. If the Mountaineers can keep up this solid play on both sides of the ball they could be a Big 12 dark horse.

6. Kansas State (Last Week: 6)

We had a lot of questions going into this season about the Syndercats and the week 1 opponent wasn't going to offer a lot of answers. K-State did what it was supposed to when you play South Dakota as the defense pitched a shutout and the offense pilled on a lot of points. This week was less than memorable from the Kansas State football team, that belongs to the Starship Enterprise.

7. Texas Tech (Last Week: 8)

Tech's offense looked good for a team that hadn't named a starter until the day of the game. The defense however left some people scratching their heads. You can't give up that many points to Sam Houston State. We'll know more about the tortilla throwers after they travel to Arkansas in two weeks, but they'll need to sure up the defense before that.

8. Texas (Last Week: 7)

Oh boy Texas. You really pooped the bed last week. The Longhorns came out against Notre Dame and did pretty much nothing. There is a lot of youth on that team but you cannot just chalk this up to that. The defense looked bad, but the offense, holy crap. Charlie Strong's team will need to improve if they don't want this to happen every week.

9. Iowa State (Last Week: 9)

I personally voted Iowa State higher than Texas, and they almost were, falling short by 1 point. The Cyclones did what they needed to against UNI. We'll see if Paul Rhodes has this team improving as they go into this rivalry week versus Iowa.

10. Kansas (Last Week: 10)

Poor Kansas. It's rough when you come out of a loss versus a FCS opponent feeling good. David Beaty has quite the hole to dig this team out of. This game was ugly and it doesn't look like it will get much better the rest of the year. Kansas could lose every game this year and it's looking more likely after this week.