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Week one provided plenty of opportunity for easy trolling.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

It's always good to be able to quickly review how opponents past and present are performing, which can obviously have quite an effect on OSU in the polls.

The title will be indicative of the week...this is week 1, so Opponents 101. Week 2 will be Opponents 201, and so on. Got it?

Unless otherwise noted, all games are on Saturday. Without further delay, here's the list for 2014:

Central Michigan Chippewas

Record: 0-1 (MAC West, 0-0)

Last Game: vs Oklahoma State (NR)

Result: L, 24-13

Next Opponent: vs Monmouth (FCS, NR)

National Ranking: NR


The Chippewas accomplished what I'm sure was their main goal...destroy the hopes and dreams of all the KoolAid drunk Cowboy fans, as they were well prepared for page 1 of OSU's playbook. The MAC on the road on a Thursday night, early in the season (or anytime, for that matter), is something OSU should avoid from now on. Will be interesting to see how CMU handles the rest of the season, as they were picked to finish in the middle of the MAC West.

Central Arkansas Bears (FCS)

Record: 0-1 (Southland, 0-0)

Last Game: @ Samford (FCS, NR)

Result: L, 45-16

Next Opponent: @ Oklahoma State (NR)

National Ranking: NR


The Bears got lathered up by Samford, who's coming off 4 consecutive winning seasons. UCA allowed 164 yards rushing (5.3 ypa) and 372 passing (10.1 ypa, 17.7 ypc). We won't likely see anything past the first page of OSU's playbook, but if the Cowboys can't do better than this, there are problems in Stillwater.

UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio) Roadrunners

Record: 0-1 (Conf USA - West, 0-0)

Last Game: @ #22 Arizona

Result: L, 42-32

Next Opponent: vs Kansas State (NR)

National Ranking: NR


This does NOT make me feel better about their impending trip to Stillwater. They basically lost their entire team, so Coker has obviously done a good job retooling. Hosting Kansas State next week is a pretty interesting game.

Texas Longhorns

Record: 0-1 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: @ #11 Notre Dame

Result: L, 38-3

Next Opponent: Rice (NR)

National Ranking: NR


Wow. It was #11 Notre Dame in South Bend, but that was sad to watch. Unless the Irish are a lot better than we think, the Longhorns might have a shot at the Big 12 basement. At this point I frankly don't care if Joe Wickline is calling plays.

Kansas State Wildcats

Record: 1-0 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: vs South Dakota (FCS, NR)

Result: W, 34-0

Next Opponent: @ UTSA (NR)

National Ranking: NR


Hmmmmm. Wonder what Snyder has cooking in Manhattan. The way UTSA played at Arizona, I think this trip to San Antonio might be more telling than previously thought, for both teams.

West Virginia Mountaineers

Record: 1-0 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: vs Georgia Southern (NR)

Result: W, 44-0

Next Opponent: vs #15 Liberty (FCS)

National Ranking: NR


Remember that close loss to Alabama last year? Yea, we thought they were going to be scary then, too.

Kansas Jayhawks

Record: 0-1 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: vs #16 South Dakota State (FCS)

Result: L, 41-38

Next Opponent: vs Memphis (NR)

National Ranking: NR


That Kansas offense!!! Oh, right, they still lost to an FCS team. Don't worry, you still have Texas on the schedule. BTW, the Jayhawks need to work on that last second ball spike to kill the clock...

Texas Tech Red Raiders

Record: 1-0 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: vs #3 Sam Houston State (FCS)

Result: W, 59-45

Next Opponent: @ UTEP (NR)

National Ranking: NR


Last season, they squeaked by Central Arkansas. This season, they managed to get by feisty Sam Houston State. What does this mean? That Tech is marginally better than Kansas at taking on ranked FCS teams, and, like OSU's playbook, Tech's defense is going to hide until conference play begins, right?

TCU Horned Frogs

Record: 1-0 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: @ Minnesota (NR)

Result: W, 23-17

Next Opponent: vs Stephen F Austin (FCS, NR)

National Ranking: 3


Generally the same result as last year, difference being this was at Minnesota, so a couple of points got swapped.

Iowa State Cyclones

Record: 1-0 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: vs #11 Northern Iowa (FCS)

Result: W, 31-7

Next Opponent: vs Iowa (NR)

National Ranking: NR


Iowa State actually looked competent as they unveiled renovated Jack Trice Stadium. Now they get Iowa, which should be more of a test, as the Hawkeyes handled perennial FCS power Illinois State (lost to NDSU in championship game), 31-14.

Baylor Bears

Result: 1-0 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: @ SMU (NR)

Result: W, 56-21

Next Opponent: vs Lamar (FCS, NR)

National Ranking: 4


It took two halves of football for Baylor to dispatch a rekindled SMU program. The Bears' offense looked like it has the potential to be just as good as ever, but let's just say Baylor is hoping their courtroom defense is better than the football version right now. Also, courtesy of ESPN Game Day...

Oklahoma Sooners

Record: 1-0 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: vs Akron (NR)

Result: W, 41-3

Next Opponent: @ #23 Tennessee

National Ranking: 17


Once again the Sooners hid from public viewing, taking care of Akron on PPV. That was a good thing, because the football trolls would have been all over 5 punts on their first 6 possessions, with no drive lasting more than 5 plays. Lincoln Riley finally got the troops headed in the right direction, and Joe Mixon provided the punch necessary to send the Zips on their way home with a loss, tallying 115 receiving yards and a TD. Next week at Tennessee should be interesting.

Keep and eye out at CRFF for game times and channels for all the Big 12 action.