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2015 CRFF Week 2 Power Poll

Did we see enough to make intelligent comments? Who are we kidding...

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

As it happens every college football season, we have no idea what the first game means, but we overreact none the less. Keep in mind this is a combination of actual ranking and how we feel about that team that particular week.


1. TCU...because the next option is unacceptable.

2. Baylor...I'm sorry, but this Game Day sign will NEVER get old...

3. OSU...What? You really thought I would keep them #1 after that performance? Between Yurcich's lateral passes and Gundy locking up the rest of the playbook in his office, that was NOT what I was looking for after all the hype.

4. OU...might have ranked you higher, but you weren't on regular TV, so you lost the opportunity. Don't worry, I think you've got a puncher's chance of moving up at some point.

5. WVU...calm down, folks. Don't be burning that many couches over Georgia Southern.

6. KState...I wouldn't be putting it past Snyder to be working the magic again. Woopee.

7. Tech...I see those defensive changes have paid off [sarcasm font].

8. Iowa State...should've upgraded the stadium a long time ago.

9. Kansas...I know it was only an FCS opponent, but at least you put up a fight and had a chance to win.

10. Texas...this is actually part II of the Longhorns' plan to ruin the conference...become so bad that nobody pays attention. I'm actually ok with this part of the plan.


1A- TCU: Either the Gophers are decent, or the Frogs are crap. Both are possible right now.

1B- BU: This is as high as these dicks go. If they go undefeated, we'll lose the 1A position.

3- OU: Now we have proof Akron sucks.

4- WVU: Don't remember who they played, but they won big.

5- OSU: Please God let Central Michigan be a decent team.

6- KSU: Who did they play?

7- TTU: See above.

8- ISU: See above again.

9- UT: If I was Wickline I'd pay the lawsuit rather than say I had anything to do with the Horns offense.

10- KU: Well that didn't last long.