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Buy or Sell: Can the OSU defense shut out Central Arkansas

Oklahoma State's defense had a decent showing against Central Michigan. With Central Arkansas being a lesser opponent than the Chippewas, can the Cowboys' defense capitalize and shut Central Arkansas out?

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Shutting out a team in football is no easy task.

To accomplish such a task, a team's defense must be able to out play the opponent's defense even when ahead and substituting second stringers for the rest of the game. It involves keeping the opponent's offense from getting too close for a field goal, which can be a difficult.

So is the Cowboy's defense up to the challenge?

Buy- OSU shuts out Central Arkansas

Central Arkansas will be simply outmatched with the talent from Oklahoma State. Couple that fact with only a slightly better than average performance against Central Michigan, the defense will be motivated to show the home crowd exactly what its capable of.

With another game of experience and a more solid defensive line, holding the Bears to no points might be easier than you think.

Sell- OSU lets Central Arkansas score

Let's not be crazy. There is a reason I didn't even allude to Oklahoma State losing. Of course miracles happen, but that's out of the realm of possibility.

Allowing the Bears to score is another story. As was stated before, holding a team to no points during a football game is one of the harder things to do. The two-deep offense must be able to keep the first team offense of the opponents from getting anywhere close to field goal range.

It's not that it isn't impossible, but with a Central Arkansas team that showed lots of pace in its first game, the Bears are bound to eventually make it into the end zone.

So what do you think, Buy or Sell?