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CRFF Roundtable - Week Two and OC Arguments

Here's the second week of the CRFF roundtable and things got... interesting.

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Gerald Tracy

OK, here's an easier week for Oklahoma State. UCA should be a fairly easy win. Here's some questions:

  • What's the score?
  • Who scores the most touchdowns?
  • Does Yurcich open up the playbook?
  • What is the biggest improvement from last week?


It better be 60-0

Carson or Walsh

Gundy better let him

It better be the play calling


OSU wins 48-10. 
Carson scores twice, Rudolph throws 3 TD passes. 
The playbook stays about the same, maybe even a little bit more vanilla.
Biggest improvement is third down defense.

Okstate Gents

42-6 OSU
It's a mixture of Carson and Childs getting short yardage goal line carries for TDs.
There's a better chance of Fetty Wap suiting up and playing Saturday than Yurcich opening up the playbook against UCA.
We'll probably see more forced turnovers go in OSU's favor

Josh Poteet

Do we honestly think that OSU can still win the conference?


Lets go with:


Rudolph throws for 5 or 6

What offense is there to open up? This is what I've seen for three years now.

I'd like to see better O Line play.

Also for the bonus question, sure osu can win the conference. Just like ku or ut or isu can.


I like what you did there King.


Based on what I saw this weekend, yes, that chance still exists.

Cory Treece

4 different receivers score along with a couple from Carson and 1 from Childs. 
Same ole story on play calling. Maybe a little bit more downfield passing. 
Rudolph looks a little sharper on his reads and decision making. Secondary plays better too.

Nick Tyler

OSU can win the conference, you guys are doing the same thing you did last year after the Florida State game. I understand why we overreact to one game, because it's the only game we have but we need to see more to make a judgement and who knows when we'll actually see this team need to do more.


I think this team is could enough to win the conference. Our offensive coordinator isn't. We all know how this will go.


I think Yurhich has it in him, but I might be crazy


He has it in him if he was indeed the guy calling place at the end of last year. That's the best the offense has looked in several years.


After Florida state I was pumped, we played a good game. Thursday we played an okay game against a decent opponent, but I'll need a lot more to get back on the kool-aid.

Zach Collums

I think this is actually better for the team as a whole compared to the game against Florida State last season. Expectations have come down a bit from the offseason and there is slightly less pressure on the team going forward. Central Michigan was a true road game as opposed to Florida state in Arlington, which prepares you a bit more. Also the result will force Oklahoma State to fix the inconsistencies early on instead of halfway through the season.  Score is OSU 56-10 Central Arkansas Rudolph leads the way with 5 touchdowns, each to a different receiver.Yurchich opens up some of the playbook, most notably the flea-flicker, but many of the basic sets that Yurchich calls this Saturday will be successful because of the talent gap between these two teams.Biggest improvement is the O-Line. Rudolph rarely gets pressured on Saturday and is kept of his back until the third quarter when he is subbed out for JW.

Colin Price

I honestly believe everyone just way overreacted on Thursday.  Let's look at some facts: its the first game where they're no longer being popped at half speed to spare practice injuries and the timing will be just a bit off.  The MAC lives for thursdays, CMU was fired up about making it through that offseason of hell, and it had rained 2 inches that afternoon on the oldest turf field in the country.  Shit happens, bros.  Finally, the game went pretty well actually.  Rudolph threw for 266, rushed for 20 more (includes sacks), a touchdown in both, and no turnovers.  Team totaled 153 yards rushing, averaging 4.4 ypc.  For comparison, last year they averaged 3.5 a carry and 135 a game.  Sure its not fantastic, but its an improvement.  And more importantly, its a small sample size.  Let this team get more in sync and grow together more and we might see something special.

As for this weekend, give me the Pokes at 53 - 17.  Mason has a good day, all the receivers have a good day, Chris and Rennie have a good day, and the defense has fun and blows up the backfield.  Backups get plenty of playtime and people stop freaking out.  It may not be a spectacular win but its a good one.

addition: Rudolph completed 68.8% of his passes.  Hot damn.


Totally disagree.

CMU was not fired up. The crowd wasn't excited. I had friends at the game and family who said it was a boring environment, which is something I did not think would happen.
I don't think any of us are saying that the reason OkState won't win the conference is because of lack of talent. We are primarily saying that the talent is going to be used effectively enough to win the conference. It's not a small sample size in that regards.

Yurcich has had 27 games. That's a huge sample size and yet week in and week out (for the most part) we get vanilla offense. It's like watching a 2A high school offensive coordinator who doesn't trust his QB to throw the ball down the field.

Let the kid play. Let him throw the football. You'll never know how great he is until Yurcich allows him to be. Yurcich is hindering Rudolph and he will unless things change.


I disagree. Obviously you can just read my article that went up on Yurcich but when he has his guys, he calls a pretty good game. I thoroughly believe CMU and maybe even UCA will be boring for a reason. Just win, baby.


But Yurcich HAS his guys. How many more years do they let this go?

Are OkState fans at the point where it's "just win?" I hope not. This team has so much more potential than to "just win."

I'm just upset that OSU fans are fine with "10+" wins. Aspire for better than that. We have the resources. Talent, great head coach, great facilities, etc. Aspire for championships. Maybe that was just the environment I grew up in but I know that some of you think OSU can win a nat'l title in the next 5 years.


I agree, the school has everything it needs. But to blame it all on Yurcich is just wrong to me. He can only do so much. He didn't leave the line in shambles, he didn't injure Walsh or bring in Garman. There are tons of things he couldn't or can't control. The line blocks better and we have a better rushing game or don't get sacked as much... etc..,


I'm not blaming it all on Yurcich. I am basically saying that offensively we won't be where we need to be with him at the helm. It's not that he can/can't control things but when you're the OC everything on that side of the ball falls on you. That's just a part of the job. I don't care if it's fair or not - it's reality.


I'm just anxious to see what we look like when the full playbook is utilized. I don't think they did anything with the new Cowboy Back position which is ok for now.

After having time to reflect, I think they played well considering they were intentionally playing conservative. Got a little too close for comfort there in the 3rd quarter, but the one drive they did air it out they looked awesome.


Why hide the playbook? If you don't practice your plays in a game that you should win, you'll have to try them out when they matter. Mike Leech never worried about showing his plays, he just wanted to run them so well they couldn't be stopped. Get the kinks out now, not against TCU.


JW Walsh has 3 touchdowns to lead the way.
No, Yurcich doesn't open the playbook.
This goes hand in hand with Yurcich not opening the playbook.  The focus of the offense should be the running game.  I'd be shocked if they don't run the ball around 40 times.  This is going to be the biggest improvement from week one.


I can see not showing all your tricks, but it's like they're trying to hide anything that is creative.

If we're not good enough to overlook opponents, as Gundy said, then we're not good enough to hide most of our playbook against early opponents. We saw what happened at CMU. Imagine if they had rolled out the vertical passing from the start.

We would have likely gotten our blowout.


"CMU was not fired up. The crowd wasn't excited. I had friends at the game and family who said it was a boring environment, which is something I did not think would happen."

To me, that seems like it would be harder to play in a game like that. 
"I'm just upset that OSU fans are fine with "10+" wins. Aspire for better than that. We have the resources. Talent, great head coach, great facilities, etc. Aspire for championships. Maybe that was just the environment I grew up in but I know thatsome of you think OSU can win a nat'l title in the next 5 years."

I would be very pleased with a 10+ win season pretty much any year. We're not at the point where we should expect championship seasons, and we may never be...I would be absolutely shocked if we won a championship in the next five years. We don't have the talent to compete at that level yet. Now, if we can start consistently winning 10 games a year, the talent might increase, but I have a hard time seeing Stillwater being able to draw the big time recruits needed to expect the type of seasons you're wanting.  

I think Nick is right. A lot of overreacting to the first game. I still can't decide how I feel about Yurcich.