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Lippert's O-Line Update

The line kept Mason safe last week, which is all we really need

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The "pit crew" definitely didn't disappoint last week.

Although several of the five OSU offensive linemen got off to a slow start in last week's game against Central Michigan University, they did their job with only a few bumps along the way.

My personal MVP of the game is left tackle Victor Salako. [He's the only lineman I didn't have to yell at]. Salako made a great first impression during his first game as a Cowboy, showing off his power and agility. If he stays on this track, we'll see great things from him throughout the next couple of years.

Returning left guard Mike Wilson got off to a slow start, but after a few series on the field, he got in the groove and held his blocks throughout the game. Wilson's experience on the field came into play as he took charge and did his job all night.

Sophomore center Brad Lundblade took the field with leadership and power. Apart from a few bad snaps, he blocked well for Rudolph and his running backs. Lundblade didn't seem to let his previous ankle injury bother him, and hopefully it'll stay that way throughout the season.

Right guard Paul Lewis made his debut after playing center for the Cowboys last season. Lewis had a couple penalties called on him last Thursday, but none that tremendously harmed the Cowboys' offense. His power was displayed, along with his experience, and looks to help his team during the next three [plus] months.

Sophomore right tackle Zach Crabtree took the field ready to play. His speed was the highlight of his performance, followed by his agility and strength. His fast hands and faster feet help control the right side of the line. With a few games under his belt, Crabtree's talent can only go up from here.

The Cowboys' offensive line gave up only one sack against the Chippewa defense and helped contribute to two touchdown runs by two different quarterbacks. OSU's run game execution wasn't spectacular, but there is time to work out the kinks. Several more linemen than the starting five were anticipated to play, but only five saw the field. However, expectations are high for the game on Saturday at 6:30 against Central Arkansas, and the likelihood of more than five linemen seeing the field is very high.