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One Final Time: Why OSU will beat Ole Miss

Last game of the season and the Rebels step up to my chopping block.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Through 9 games, some of you still haven't realized that this series has been satirical. That I've just been being an ass and a homer to try to be funny. Maybe I was a little too mean but oh well.  So let's get to the bowl game!

The Oklahoma State Cowboys are headed to New Orleans for a New Years 6 matchup with the Ole Miss Rebels. The Rebels will be without their star D-Linemen Robert Nkemdiche who was suspended after the found weed in his room following a fall from a 4th story window. Wait...what? Really? Ok then. Just going to gloss over that whole situation, I guess.

While Ole Miss is losing one of their key play makers, Oklahoma State will getting of theirs back. QB Mason Rudolph has been practicing following foot surgery and is expected to start today. This will bring back the 2QB system with J. W. Walsh to keep things lively for the Rebel defense. Rudolph is going to come out throwing 7 different kinds of smoke that an Ole Miss secondary, notorious for giving up big plays, won't be able to handle.

Now what about the Cowboy defense who has been struggling as of late? Well they've had a good rest after what might have been the most physical 6 weeks in OSU football history.  With the time off, Emmanuel Ogbah and company will be coming after Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly, and boy, the pressure will be dialed up to 11 today and the backfield won't be safe. Then bracket star wide out Laquon Treadwell with Keven Peterson and Jordan Sterns and the Ole Miss offense is in for a long day.

Hopefully, we will get to see the seniors off with a good win and bring home the trophy to take momentum into what might be a monumental run next year.

Go Pokes!