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Can the Cowboys make a Big 12 statement against the SEC?

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Well folks, this is it. One more game before we focus all of our attention on basketball (and by that, I mean women's basketball). Wrestling will also pass the time, and college football's national signing day should bring some excitement.

Ole Miss comes in riding a roller coaster of a season. A win (as fluky as it was) over Alabama was quickly buried by a blowout loss to Florida. They followed with another bad loss to a good Memphis team. After seeming to right the ship, they lost a shootout with Arkansas before beating LSU.

So which Ole Miss will OSU get tonight?

Maybe the most important question is which QB will the Cowboys run out to start the game? The defensive weakness for the Rebels is their secondary, so one would hope to see plenty of Mason Rudolph with adequate time to throw.

Another question, however, will be OSU's defense. Have they recovered from their last two outings where they were pummeled by run first teams? Fortunately, Ole Miss is not dependent on running the ball, so we'll see how the Cowboys' secondary fairs against former OSU recruit Laquon Treadwell and others.

We salute the seniors, and say farewell to Emmanuel Ogbah. We look forward to seeing you on Sundays. Many of us are sincerely hoping the next time we see JW Patton is on the OSU sideline as a graduate assistant.

Your final radio call for this season can be found here.

As always, let's drown in our collective joy or agony in the comments.