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CRFF Roundtable: Bedlam B-Ball and Barry J.

The CRFF staff gives our Bedlam predictions and our choices for OSU's next football coach?

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports
1)      Well, here comes another Bedlam. What's your prediction?

2)      If Barry J. Sanders comes to Stillwater, can the o-line improve enough for it to matter?

3)      Looks like the Purple Wizard is sticking around for another year. Gundy says he won't be coaching when he's 60. Just for fun, what current (or former) assistant/player would you pick to take his place in 2027?

Enjoy and (as always) please give us your answers below.


1) I'm not sure I even want to imagine the score for this game. However, I think it will be closer than what many people predict. I wouldn't be surprised if OSU loses by single digits in this game, but I also wouldn't be surprised if OSU loses by more than 20. OU 78-OSU 62.

2) We have an influx of o-line recruits coming in along with a few community college commits, so I think another year of unity and another year of chemistry will make this o-line better than last year's. Do I think it will make much of a difference? Probably not.

3) I really wouldn't mind Monken or Holgorsen coming back to coach this team. I don't think they are completely out of OSU 's reach either. I'd love to have a Meacham, Fedora or Fuente come coach but all three have either found their "New York Yankees" job or will move on to better places than OSU. If I had to pick a current player, I'd pick the obvious: JW Walsh.


1) And just so we're clear, this is NOT OU stumbling down the first base line...




3)       Walsh or Weeden.



1) It's going to be so bad. Buddy Hield goes for 40, and OSU loses by at least 25.

2) Barry Sanders isn't a game changer, and I'm not sure at all that's he's better than anything we have. I'm sure fans will clamor for him to start because of his name, but I wouldn't expect much. I do think the line will improve. How much? Can't say for sure yet.

3) Dez Bryant


1) OU wins 76-61, Buddy has 30 points and Evans is the only bright spot for OSU. Tough game approaching, boys. Tough game.

2) Probably not, but if he were to come, I think that he could have a bit more success. Not that the line will be much better, but Sanders would find a way to be at least a tad bit effective.

3) Brandon Weeden. But then again, he'd probably be 80 by then.

(Since Weeden and I are seven months apart, I take offense to that, Thomas.)

Kyle Cox


1) Okay, so someone has to do it. I'll fall on the sword. Oklahoma State always seems to win a game each year that they shouldn't and Travis Ford will pull some crap out and actually game plan to his player's strengths for once. They will press all game and double team Hield, holding him to 6 points on 15 shots. Ryan Spangler will pick his nose on camera and the Cowboys win 101-99 in quadruple overtime.

2) Are you kidding me? Haven't you been on the internet? OSU returns all it's o-line. Plus Barry J. is still pissed at McCaffrey for breaking his dad's record (even if he was given a mulligan) and rebreaks that sucker for the fam.

3) Josh Elias. He's can grow a mean ‘stache. You know how many seasons Gundy has sported a sweet ‘stache? Zero. You know how many national championships he's won? Zero. Coincidence?

For real's though.

1) OU wins 72-59.

2) I hope so. Let's give Adkins a shot at a full off season and some of his own recruits. Plus the fact that the young guys on the line will actually get to compete for time should facilitate improvement.

Truthfully, I wouldn't expect Barry J. to be a Heisman candidate but I do think his skill set lends itself more to having success than some of the backs on the roster.

3) Current Coach/Player - J.W. Walsh, Former - Zac Robinson or Larry Fedora.