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Glenn Spencer Could Be Leaving

A coordinator could be leaving, but not the coordinator everyone has been hoping for.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Glenn Spencer has done great things for Oklahoma State over the last few years. He's been a part of the staff that has tried to make the Cowboys defense as well known as the offense is, and he's succeeded in plenty of aspects as OSU sends potential first round pick Emmanuel Ogbah to the draft this year.

However, with success comes the attention of other schools who have fired their coaches. This year, plenty of coaches lost their jobs and some OSU fans may have wondered out loud if Spencer was being considered. We now have our answer.

Bruce Feldman has reported on Twitter that Glenn Spencer, "has emerged as a strong candidate for the UTSA head coaching vacancy." Also reporting, Football Scoop has said that The Road Runners had interviewed Spencer today. Spencer would make the second coach in UTSA history and would also be the second former-Cowboy to coach at the school as his would-be predecessor was Larry Coker, who coached in Stillwater from 1983-89.

Feldman also reported that the school wants to announce its next coach by Friday so expect something to come through the wire soon.