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The Last Hope Is In The Form Of Cowgirls, Not Cowboys.

Basketball season has been a bore, but not for the Cowgirls. Despite the young team, OSU already has made more accomplishments.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Let's just face the fact that Oklahoma State is about to hit rock bottom for mens basketball.

However, that's not the case for the Oklahoma State Cowgirls. The Cowgirls have past preseason expectations despite adding new faces to the team and coaching staff. Throughout the preseason, experts predicted Oklahoma State to be eighth or ninth in the Big 12. However, they are placed at sixth and that could change if they beat Iowa State tomorrow night. The Cowgirls are 13-4 and 3-3 so far this season with a couple of big time wins against North Carolina, Baylor and just recently, Oklahoma.

In this week's bracket projection, ESPN Women's Basketball bracketology expert, Charlie Crème released his newest bracket and placed Oklahoma State as an eight seed against ninth seeded, Georgia and winner plays undefeated, national champion Connecticut. (Let's hope that doesn't happen and work on getting a better seed or stay away from that part of the bracket). However, College Sports Madness has the Cowgirls in a better seed as the sixth seed against South Dakota State and winner plays the No. 3 seed, Miami. Not only they are in the conversation for postseason, but they have also been receiving votes in the top 25 the past couple of weeks.

The Cowgirls success has given fans something to believe in and not give up hope for both basketball seasons. This team needs support from fans to show up at the rest of the home games this season just like last Saturday's Bedlam game.