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CRFF Roundtable: Ford's Future & Football Staff

Our staff shares some thoughts on Travis Ford's future in Stillwater and Mike Gundy's assistants.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Let me preface this by saying that everyone but myself submitted theirs before the KU game. Let me also say that the results of that game do not change my opinion on Travis Ford at OSU.

1)      How long until the inevitable? Will Travis Ford make it through the rest of this season?
2)      It looks like Glenn Spencer is staying put for now. Is that good or bad for OSU?
3)      How has your view of Mike Yurcich changed over the last 12 months (or has it)?

As always, thanks for reading and please share your answers in the comment section below.


1) The rest of the season? Yes, I believe that he will stay, but after the season, I have no idea.

2) I think it's very good for OSU. Spencer is a great coach and there is no way that he won't have the defense prepared for next year.

3) It hasn't changed a whole lot, I've consistently kept the opinion that he is better than people give him credit for, but not what I'd consider an 'elite' play caller.


1) He'll make it to the end of the season but from there it's anybody's guess. Will they have finally had enough? Will they write it off as a rebuilding season? Or will they prioritize the new baseball stadium and just let it keep playing out? My guess is the last one.

2) Spencer might be one of the best assistants/coordinators Gundy's ever had. Injury and fatigue plagued the defense at the end of the season and he has a good track record of recruiting and developing talent. I want him around as long as possible.

3) My opinion on him has improved because it started to come together more this season. There's not a whole lot you can do with an abysmal running game yet he managed to put up a lot of points. OSU was so outmatched in the last three games that the lack of running game proved to hinder the rest of the offense exponentially. If the running game improves next season, the offense will really be humming and could be unstoppable.









1) Short of NCAA crimes Ford's not getting clipped during the season.

2)  I guess it's good, in that continuity is good. I'm not in love with him the way many are.

3) Made mountains on offense out of molehills. He's better than I thought. Improved my opinion of the guy drastically.


1) What's the point of firing a coach mid-season? I think Ford still will be here beyond this season. The buyout/Forte injury/Young team gives him a good excuse to stick around for another year.

2) Definitely good that Spencer is staying. He's one of the most under rated coaches in the country.

3) Still don't like him. He can't do anything to change my opinion on him. Runs too many wide receiver screens. I was really wishing that he got the Tulane head coaching job.


1) Chopping Ford now accomplishes nothing except making a bad situation worse. With Forte I think they're a fringe tourney team, but without they've actually showed some fight, just terrible basketball skills. I think we have to accept that Ford will ride out his contract, so get pumped for that.

2) I was really high on Spencer before the season, now I'm convinced he's the second coming of Bill Young. He can stay or go, doubt it'll change the defense much.

3) I still don't think Yurcich is running the offense 100%, or even 75%, without Gundy input. Let's just hope our offensive line is less offensive next year.


1) I can't imagine he will still be coaching next year, but Oklahoma State doesn't seem like the university to fire a coach midway through the season. (Especially one that is making more money than I'll ever see in my life time).

2) Glenn Spencer is an ideal coordinator for an Oklahoma State defense. Better than Bill Young and with Young we almost made it to the natty championship game. Good news for OSU.

3) It hasn't really. He's super conservative and he won't take that next step as a play caller until he opens up the playbook more. I would much rather have Dana or Monken back, but that isn't happening.

Kyle Cox

1) So I'm the only one with the benefit of writing this after the KU game. So I will change mine a little from what it was going to be. He will not lose his job this year. Once again, the Cowboys win a game or two they shouldn't but overall, I still believe a culture change is needed. While beating KU big is always awesome, it used to not be the highlight of the season.

2) It is great for OSU. I believe he is the top assistant on the staff and will get offered a head coaching job sooner than later. Again, I think the defense was thinner that we thought. The only knock (if it is one) is his sometime reluctance to go three deep. It may have to do with what he sees in practice. I don't know. But maybe it helps with the fatigue factor down the stretch.

3) Mine has. Without having complete control of the offense (my assumption), he was still able to produce points with a completely inadequate offensive line and running game. He finally did (or was allowed to) open up the playbook later in the season. We know he can get creative. That's what he was known for at Bishop McGuinness HS or wherever he coached before here. Let's see what he does with an improved run game.